Spring Collage purse

I decided to make another collage purse in spring colors, so here are my fabric selection:

I’m putting it together crazy quilt, log cabin style. This was actually a project I first made at Lori’s (thanks, Lori!) back in 2005. I’ve since tweaked it a bit and added some cool embellishments.

Here are a few images I took while I was making it:

Continue on until you fill the pattern piece, then trim:

I’ll post this project when I am finished.

Blog Milestone

I have a blog milestone coming up soon… my 200,000th visitor!  Keep watching to celebrate with me… I will have my second blog contest.  Details will be within the next week or two.  Does anyone have an opinion about what I should offer to the winner of my upcoming blog contest??   The last grand winner won a custom made Carla freeform crochet scarf.

Enjoy your day! Hugs, Carla

Fabric Crochet Purse and things I like…

Happy Wednesday to you!! I’m quilting in the studio today, but I thought I would mention I am teaching a fabric crochet purse class tomorrow at my favorite quilt store. Here are a few pictures of purse samples I have made before:

I enjoy teaching this class, so I am looking forward to it!!

I also decided to share some displays in my home that I enjoy looking at each day. Here they are in random order:

My display cabinet:

You can see just a taste of several of my collections: vintage scales and cameras, more chickens and my sand collection.

These flowers smell so good,very cinnamon.

Last up, a sneak peek at my studio desk…

Enjoy your day!! Hugs, Carla

Collage Purse & Bra elastic

What does bra elastic have to do with my collage purse I am working on? Bra elastic actually makes wonderful binding for this purse!! Here’s the proof:


The last time I visited my good pal, Lori Seavey-Christian- down in So Cal, we went to the Fiber Swap Meet with Capril and found some terrific elastic. This day was documented in Lori’s blog here.

braelastic.jpg Here’s the elastic….

and here it is used on my purse:


I am so glad to have finally found a good use for this stuff! I had tried crocheting with it, but it didn’t look right.

The purse is almost finished, but it still needs handles and embellishments! The flower is actually a 3D flower- which I like. It still needs some beadwork, too. Right now, to me the bag looks naked without some beading.

Does anyone out there in Blog-ville make and create your own purses or bags?? I would love to show some and showcase them next month on my blog. If you have something you want to share, just drop me a comment and I will contact you.

Regards, Carla

postscript: Here is a finished picture of the purse:


A Few AFF Purchases

While at ArtFiberFest, I was fortunate to add to my collection of art from artists I admire. They have a vendor night where many of the teachers and attendees may sell their art. Here are just a few favorite items.

The following items were purchased from Alma Stoller. By the way, did I mention how nice and talented she was?:

alma-bird.jpg and almabeads.jpg

Next was a beautiful rug hooked heart wallhanging from Mary Stanley. Mary is a wonderful teacher and a very kind person:


Another favorite artist of mine is Syd McCutcheon. I was fortunate to get one of her scissor maiden dolls:


I was also lucky to purchase her AFF doll made for the gallery. Here is a sneak peek, but you can get a better view of this delightful doll on her blog post. It is a very appropriate purchase for the season.


Today, I am off teaching my fabric crochet autumn purse at the local quilt shop. Remember this?


Enjoy your day! Hugs, Carla