Aunt Gwen’s Microwave Potato Bag!

I have rewritten my microwave bag tutorial and have added some printable and downloadable pattern and instructions.  If you make one, I would love to hear from you and receive a picture of your microwave bag.

Be sure to note the disclaimer below and be cautious since everyone’s microwave is different and of varying strengths.  There has been 2 reports of corner bag scorching or fire, however, I can not discern what materials were used in the Potato Bag and if directions were properly followed.  If you are making these as gifts, be sure to test them out first.


My Aunt Gwen sent me this potato bag so I could microwave my potatoes more swiftly and easily.  I tried it, and was hooked!   This was my inspiration for writing this free tutorial.

Disclaimer:  There have been online reports of microwave fires when people fail to follow instructions, fail to supervise the cooking, or use another material other than 100% cotton.  Since 2 readers have had issues with the corner of the bag, my advice is to trim off the bulky corners when you sew it.

Following my instructions, I have used my bag for over 30 times safely in my Kitchen Aide microwave.  Please use care, common sense, and proper supervision. This is a free tutorial, make these bags and use at your own risk.  I am not responsible for any damage caused by using this free tutorial.  Downloading my pattern indicates you understand this and agree to use prudent and reasonable care.

 By clicking on the download button, you agree that you have read my disclaimer message, understand that you are receiving this pattern for free, and agree to not hold me liable if you fail to follow directions or fail to properly supervise your microwave.

[pattern removed]

Along with the pattern, here are my printable directions:

[directions removed] 

Note from Carla- Despite all my disclaimers- and instructions to use 100% cotton materials in the construction, and to SUPERVISE the cooking of the potato in the potato bag, it turns out there are people not following instructions and/or not carefully watching their microwave while the potato cooks. 

In some cases, the end user was given their potato bag as a gift or purchased it at a craft fair- and were not provided directions for proper use.

I have had this free tutorial up since 2008, with no profit to myself for doing so.   Sorry that I needed to remove this popular pattern, but there continues to be individuals who fail to follow directions concerning what materials to use in the pattern- and/or fail to properly supervise their microwave oven while cooking.     Sadly, we live in a litigious society, and and people who fail to follow directions often look for someone else to blame.  

As with all my free tutorials, if you make them, please send me a photo so I may enjoy them too.  Be sure to check out all my various free tutorials covering a wide variety of art and crafts.

Regards, Carla Barrett