Been painting alot lately! Let me show you some pictures of my 2nd class homework project after the first 2 steps:

and Step 2:

Keep watching!

Loving, healing thoughts go out to my Dad today. He had surgery today to fix the first of 2 blocked carotid arteries. He is in recovery as I type this and he’ll spend the night in the ICU. We lost my mom 2 years ago, so I am very worried about my dad’s health right now. During the surgery, it was reported that his blood pressure went through the roof. Please send healing thoughts to the hospital in Missouri.

Take care, Carla

Collage Painting-WIP

Good morning! I woke up bright and early, eager to continue my background painting homework for Paulette Insall’s online class. I took another stab at the violet piece, then moved onto my gold canvas. Here it is:

and two more colors:

Now it is time to draw or paint my focal point images for each one. Hmmmm… will have to think about this awhile.

Take care, Carla

Background Painting Class

Time to share my homework for the background class. I am caught up and ready to do Lesson 4 now. Here are some of my efforts for Lesson 2 and 3:

I liked how this one came out so far. if you look closely, there are some fish prints subtly hidden in this piece. Haven’t decided on a focal point subject yet. It will evolve however.

I liked the outcome of Lesson 2, above. Lesson 3 still does not yet feel right to me. Tomorrow I will work with some other colors. Perhaps I will paint over Lesson 3 and try again.

On the family front, I took my daughter to get her hearing aides today. I was surprised by the technology advances of her aides. Of course, they cost about 7k US and even have to be programmed. You can’t even see them when she wears them unless her hair is pulled up and you look closely. I just think she is happy to be able to hear better.

More paintings -early background work

Yesterday was a fun filled day… Joe and I saw the new Indiana Jones flick (loved it!), then went out for sushi (yummy!), then stopped by the art store for some supplies. Came home and worked on the start of 3 other canvases for my painting class homework.

Here they are, but keep in mind there will be many, many layers added to each one:

Today, I need to finish quilting my quilt for the fair. I might get in some more painting time, though.

Last, but certainly not least, today is Memorial Day. Thank you for all the veterans who gave their lives for freedom and democracy here in the US. Regards, Carla

My Backgrounds Painting class- 1st Lesson

I mentioned I was planning to start a painting class by Paulette Insall last week. The subject matter is painting backgrounds- particularly organic dimensional backgrounds with many layers using acrylics.

The first step after you prepare your canvas is to color wash it . Next add some collage elements:

Then you add the first layer of dimension and texture using paint:

That is my homework until Class 2. I need to pick up more paint colors and more canvases so I can try this using several color palettes. Stay tuned for next week’s show & tell!


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Regards, Carla

Upcoming Classes

I love to take classes to expand my horizon on a particular technique. I do have about 4 classes coming up in the next month or so I wanted to share with you all.

Paulette Insall is an artist whose work I stumbled across one day and instantly loved! Here, see for yourself in this series of painting/mixed media videos:

Part One: The Background:

Part Two: Mixed Media Elements added

Part Three: The Face is added:

I want to learn how Paulette paints her backgrounds and her faces, so I am taking both her classes to learn these techniques from her.

Also, I am signed up for a class with the Pixeladies, whose work I also admire and LOVE! I love visiting their work studio, Deb and Kris are kindred spirits! Go check out their website, they do fabulous work and I especially love their purse patterns. Anyway, they are teaching a crazy piecing class. Shhh…. I already know how to piece this, but I am taking the class to just have fun, laugh, and soak up their creativity!! LOL!

The last class I am taking is another beading class- a crochet beaded rope. Check out the class picture:

I never would have guessed the rope pictured was not beaded with a peyote or other stitch… instead it was crocheted using a technique that hides the thread you are using. Anyway, I am looking forward to learning how to make the rope.

Hugs, Carla