Mixed Media painting homework

I’ve mentioned before about Paulette Insall’s mixed media background painting class that I’ve been taking. Here is the progression of the 5 lessons:

My homework canvas above needs some finishing work, but it is almost completed. The collage words on the canvas are a reminder that it is always better to listen than to talk. Hmmm… I do need to work on this.

I am taking one more class from Paulette- one on painting faces. Guess I had better practice sketching faces since you need to draw them in order to paint. LOL

WIP_ I’m also working on a freeform beading bracelet with a peyote base, and also another painting class with a different teacher. I’ll take pictures so you can see the progression on my next set of lessons. I hope to quilt another quilt in the next few days, so keep watching….

Hugs, Carla