Boat Name

I love days off like this 3 day weekend holiday!  This means I get to spend quality time with Joe.

We have spent the first day getting our O’day boat ready, then the next day taking it out on the water.  We launched the boat out on Folsom Lake at Brown’s Ravine yesterday and spent over 6 hours sailing.  Winds were a bit fluky, but when they were blowing, it was fun.

I think we finally have the perfect name for our O’Day 23.  I wanted a name that was not too cutsey, and of course, not crude.  Here are just a few names that I would never consider in a million years: Aquaholic, Berth Control, Bad Kitty, Fish-n-Chicks, Knotty Buoy, Sea-duced, PMS Princess, and Sail Bad the Sinner.  Nope, just not me.

Finally, (drum roll, please…)  we have settled on….

S/V Sea Glass.”   S/V means sailing vessel for you non-sailors. This name is just right since you all know how much I love to sea glass hunt, plus it is an uncommon name not found on any boat lists.  It helps that Joe liked it.  It also passes the “easy to say over the radio test,”  too.

Changing a boat’s name is actually considered bad luck to sailors.  So we have to do a special de-naming ceremony before we can actually name our boat.  We also have to remove all traces of the boat’s former name, which was “No Tee Time.”    The naming ceremony can only take place after the de-naming ceremony.  Both involves bottles of good quality champange to appease the gods.  Sailors are a superstitious bunch, and have many rules such as “never leaving on a Friday,”to name just one.  Sounds silly, I know, but why mess with tradition?  LOL

The previous owner had carefully peeled off the old boat’s name.  The hull had faded around the letters, so I will need to refinish the hull to completely remove the name.   Besides, the hull has some oxidation, so I plan to refinish that, too.  I will order the new name, but will only affix them after both ceremonies.

How did YOU spend your weekend?

Hugs, Carla