Mother’s Day thoughts

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays which brings to mind bittersweet memories for those of us who have lost their mom.  Mine passed away about 3 years ago, and I think of her at the strangest moments- in the grocery store when I see a favorite food, looking into the sweet face of my first grandson, and knowing she would have loved him.

I would guess this is also a sensitive time of the year for the mothers of children who have passed away as well.  They say that the pain of losing a child is a particularly difficult loss.  I am fortunate, my 3 children are all living, and will plan on celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend with them all.  Thus said, my heart goes out to these women as their loss is indeed great.

I am blessed- I get to hug not only my 3 children, but my DIL Aimee and my grandson Jack, too.  He is about 15 months now and I love watching Jack play.  He is a climber, so you have to watch him closely or he is liable to be standing on the dining room table.  Anyway, my heart melts when I see him.  Aimee is a terrific new mom, and I enjoy watching her with Jack, too. Here is the picture of them at Easter together:


So, this year I plan on encouraging new moms, hugging my kids and grandchild, and honor the memory of my mom and grandmothers who are no longer with us.

Any thoughts on this post?  Hugs, Carla

Mother’s Day Present

The best Mother’s Day present today was seeing Jack!! Here are some current Jack pictures for all my relatives and friends:

and here’s my Mother’s Day card from Jack (with a little help from his mother):

Anyhow, thanks to Stephen and Aimee for making my day by bringing Jack by for a visit!

Hope your day was special, too!  Regards, Carla

Last Day to Enter

I’m celebrating a milestone on my blog, so I am having a blog contest that ends tomorrow. See the May 5th blog entry for more details. I will post the winner tomorrow, so be sure to check back for your name in case you win. Good Luck!!

I’ve been busy quilting my poppy quilt, I’m just having fun with the free motion quilting. Using many different colors of thread on this one, in some areas I want the quilting to show and in others I do not. Here are two pictures of my progress so far:

The first picture shows a small portion of the quilting machine I use. I’m quilting the designs freehand- which means I am simply quilting as I go and as the mood hits. It’s like painting with thread. I am using a lovely variegated thread color called “Citrus” (Rainbows by Superior Threads). All told, I am using about 4-5 different colors.

This has been a fun quilt- certainly no award winner, but a fun quilt nonetheless!

Btw, a HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY to all the moms (“mums” in Australia) out there.

Hugs from Carla