More Etched Metal

With Faith’s permission, I want to share her photos of  the etched metal.  They are very cool!!  The etching process is fun, you basically create a mask using a variety of methods, then place the metal in the etching solution.  The solution etches the bare metal.

Here is Faith’s fabulous work:

While I love all her work, the font sheet is my favorite… I just have a thing for fonts:

Faith asked me to doodle my Carla quilting lines using the mask pen on her copper sheet, and here it is after Faith etched it:

See?  Quilted metal!!  Hmmm… now how to use my metal in a project. I wonder how Faith will use hers?

The weekend already??  Where did the week go?

Enjoy your day!  Carla

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Metal Play Day

Who says you can’t combine metal and quilting??  Yesterday, I trekked over to Faith’s house in Lodi, CA (remember the song about Lodi? LOL!) where Faith kindly shared with me how to etch metal.  It was FUN!!  I am hooked on etching now.  Here’s my first attempts:

Sorry for the blurry image, but this next one was handwritten quotes, then dipped in liver of sulphur for a nice patina:

The last 3 photos relate to my patina experiments:

Last up is a necklace in progress… I need to wax it, then assemble the necklace pieces together:

I hope you enjoyed the show… I am now loving this class since I have gotten over my hesitation of the new medium.

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Regards, Carla