Metal Class Homework!

Good day!!  I’m back from visiting Faith and we both finished some homework pieces for our class.  To be honest, I was too tired to take pictures while I was there, but I did take 2 snapshots this morning of  completed jewelry pieces:


This is a beginning chain maille bracelet using the box chain weave.  All I have left to do is add some complementary beads on one end for added decoration.  Thank you to Faith and Gene for creating the jumprings by hand!!  Now to make one in silver!!

Next up is a required class project; a simple hand forged copper bracelet.  Here, the instructor will be grading our forging technique:


I have more projects, but I will reveal them at a later time.  Now for some uh-oh news….  Remember this bracelet?


Unfortunately, it is now missing-in-action!!  This is a shame since I LOVED this cuff bracelet!  I am now working on a 2nd replacement one, so I will show you it when I’m done.  Luckily, I found some more of those cool beads in my bead stash!

Before I sign off, I wanted to do a couple of shout outs:  A huge THANK YOU to Faith and Gene for hosting me in their home!  Faith made some yummy “ini” cocktails to cap off our day, too, which is a bonus!  They even sent me home with a huge bag of sweet tangerines and kumquats!  Life is good…..

A quick shout out to Christine, from the delightful Oreneta Aground blog for giving me a “Creative Blogger Award” in a recent post:


I will be sure to pass the love around in a future post!  LOL!

Enjoy your day!!  Hugs, Carla

Metal Art Workshop!

Off to visit my friend, Faith, for a couple of days to work on metal and jewelry art class homework.  It is getting towards the end of the semester, so I need to get busy.

I will have lots to show when I get back, at least that is my goal.  I will keep us focused on the task at hand, so that we finish our class requirements.

So my car is packed with tools, supplies, and of course my trusty areobed with really high thread count sheets.  Faith has read on my blog that I LOVE high quality sheets to sleep in, so she told me to bring my own!  LOL!  Now that is a good friend that we can speak so honestly to each other.  LOL

Enjoy your day and I’ll see you soon with lots of pictures.  Hugs, Carla

Woody is Back!

Remember Woody the Redneck Contractor??  He’s the colorful character who helped build my house.  Anyway, Woody is back on the jobsite finishing some chores around here and yes, finally completing the infamous Woody Gate.

In true Woody fashion, he sees me and yells, “CARLA, HOWTHEHELLAREYOU??”  and “Come here and give me a HUG!!”  He is pretty much the same funny guy, but he did mention how the California construction economy is really hurting right now.  He asked me to see if any of my quilting or blog friends needs a good contractor to do any work….   Lynn, you need some help at your house, right?  LOL!

Today, I spent the day visiting Faith’s home studio and working together on class related work.  Thanks, Faith, I appreciate your hospitality, friend!  I almost finished a jewelry piece today and even got to use Faith’s new soldering torch.  Pictures to follow!

Keep watching for quilt pics, also photos of Jack.  Hugs, Carla

Class Work

My first 5-6 weeks have been all about learning tools and practicing.  Here are more class work samples so you can see what I’m learning.  And yes, by the end of class I will actually make something out of these:

The diva shape was made by sawing out the shape from a block of acrylic (called a matrix die), then texturing the metal and last step is to press the die on a hydraulic press to form the metal.

The leaves were made by creating the shape out of copper wire, then pressing pieces of textured metal.  You texture the metal with a metal press.

The middle diva is not textured and other two are.  I haven’t decided what I will do with them- perhaps embellish it further and create a pin.

Yesterday, we learned how to cut discs out of metal.  The copper pieces were made using a special tool I borrowed from my friend Faith.

I have more, but this shows you what we are doing right now.  I do need to solder a cabachon, but I want to find a cool enough piece to use.

I have my semester “to-do” list.  I am required to make at least 4 pieces using a dozen or more techiniques.  So far, I have plans to create at least 8 projects… at least that is my goal.

Later this week, I’ll visit Faith at her studio and work together on some projects.  That should be fun.

Keep watching… almost finished with the heart quilt, and Faith loaned me a funny book to share with you all.  Today, the kids and baby Jack are coming over, too, so it is time to update my Jack picture, too.

Happy Sunday!  Carla