Fiber Postcard

Hello, today I thought I would share a fiber postcard WIP that uses the selvages (frayed edges) of dyed fabrics:

I love to use everything… nothing gets thrown away when I dye fabric or use fabric bits.  Anyhow, I still need to finish the postcard today, then sew on some beads, too.

The oak leave quilt is together now- waiting for my table to become free.  I decided to work on yet another Quilt UFO- this one is a black and white log cabin- very neutral background.  The bright colorful pieces  will be later appliquéd on top of the background… perhaps I will also paint some shadows to complete the 3D effect I am trying for.  Here is the background logs getting pieced:

My own piecing style it to take something rather traditional- then put a modern spin to update it and make it more relevant for today.  The above quilt is the second quilt where I use a basic quilt pattern as a background or back drop to what was happening on top.

The first quilt I made using this process was a commission quilt a few years ago with my friend, Molly.  The finished quilt was later entered by Molly into the CA State Fair where it took a First Place and Best of Class.  It now hangs on permanent display at a Sacramento College.

Anyway, enjoy your day!!  Hugs, Carla

PS: Thank you for all the wonderful comments under yesterday’s post and blog contest.  There is still time to enter… hint: look for the post dated 5/5…  LOL!

Fancy Log Cabin

Been in a quilty mood, so here’s a log cabin quilt I finished today:

Who says you can’t quilt a humble log cabin quilt fancy?? Molly, this one’s for you, if you are reading this….

I started with a stencil by Anita Shackelford– one I used last year on that Carolina Lily quilt, then freehanded in between, repeating motifs used elsewhere in the quilt.

See those straight lines in the first picture? Yes, those were freehanded, too. LOL! Also, In the blue sashing is my fancy oak leaf border design. Overall, this was a very fun quilt to do!!

Hugs from Carla