Inchies and Other Mailings

(Carla Note: blog contest details are here.)

How are you today! Thought I would mention all the goodies which have arrived to my studio recently.

Inchies, Inchies and More Inchies!!– I am running an inchie exchange over on MQResource, a quilting site. What are inchies, you ask?? Just see my inchie tutorial to learn more! Anyway, the inchies are trickling in, here are the ones which have arrived so far:

Don’t they look lovely?? Terrific job by all the artists above!


Beaded Workspace– Next up relates to the freeform beaded necklace that I shared in my post yesterday. Quilter Karen A. asked me how do I keep the beads from going in all directions as I work with them? Here is a photo of my workspace that shows the piece of fleece/felt, the ceramic dish and other items:

You might be wondering why I have an antique key in the picture? I found it recently, so I’m planning to use it somehow. It is just sitting there for inspiration.


Another Mailbox Goodie– My sister, Yvette, sent me an adorable Life is Good t-shirt from the New England East Coast region:

I love that Lobster!! Thanks, Sis!


Don’t Forget! Before I go, I must remind you of my blog contest I am currently running until Sunday, August 17th, 2008 at noon:

The winner gets their choice of a lovely freeform crochet scarf, handmade by me! This is at least a $150.00 value (or was it $175?). I arrived at that price because that is how much that my friend and wearable artist Susan Italo sold it for when I let her wear one of my scarves at a quilt show. A merchant vendor saw Susan wearing it and decided she must own it!! Thanks, Susan, for your negotiating skills!

That’s all for today. Hope your day is creative! Hugs, Carla

Inchies Swap

Last summer was the deadline for this inchie swap. Participants were ArtFiberFest attendees, and we were asked to send ours to Marylin Huskamp ahead of time.


Just in case you don’t know what an “inchie” is- it’s basically a 1 inch quilt. I wrote about creating mine last summer here.

Anyway, Marylin did a fantastic job of putting them all together into. Here are the inchies in the house holder and on their own:

I love how these turned out. This was a fun swap to participate in. Thanks to MaryLin for her hard work!  (in case anyone was curious, mine is in the middle of the 2nd row with a birdie on it).

Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Carla

PS: Rex the Wonderhound had the foxtail removed and now I have to give him antibiotics. Rex is wise to the ways of human hiding pills in food, so I have switched to hiding the pills in hot dogs. So far, owner 1, Rex, 0!!!