More Homework

More homework pieces completed to show you.  The first one is a pea pod pin, a project from the book,  Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet:

peapod1 (click to enlarge)

Then, in the spirit of re-use and recycle, here is a butterfly pendant necklace using the handle of a silver plated ice tongs I picked up in the local thrift store:

butterfly-necklace (click to enlarge)

Last to show is a work in progress.  One of my assignments is to show a piece using a matrix die in the hydraulic press.  I decided to make a diva shape, so here it is textured, pressed, sawn, and surface patina:

diva (click to enlarge)

Not yet sure how I will finish this one off.  If I stare at it long enough, then it will come to me.

In case you want to see other homework pieces, read this post, this one, and this post.

Now it is time to quilt!  Hugs, Carla

Mixed Media painting homework

I’ve mentioned before about Paulette Insall’s mixed media background painting class that I’ve been taking. Here is the progression of the 5 lessons:

My homework canvas above needs some finishing work, but it is almost completed. The collage words on the canvas are a reminder that it is always better to listen than to talk. Hmmm… I do need to work on this.

I am taking one more class from Paulette- one on painting faces. Guess I had better practice sketching faces since you need to draw them in order to paint. LOL

WIP_ I’m also working on a freeform beading bracelet with a peyote base, and also another painting class with a different teacher. I’ll take pictures so you can see the progression on my next set of lessons. I hope to quilt another quilt in the next few days, so keep watching….

Hugs, Carla

More paintings -early background work

Yesterday was a fun filled day… Joe and I saw the new Indiana Jones flick (loved it!), then went out for sushi (yummy!), then stopped by the art store for some supplies. Came home and worked on the start of 3 other canvases for my painting class homework.

Here they are, but keep in mind there will be many, many layers added to each one:

Today, I need to finish quilting my quilt for the fair. I might get in some more painting time, though.

Last, but certainly not least, today is Memorial Day. Thank you for all the veterans who gave their lives for freedom and democracy here in the US. Regards, Carla