Home ATC Swap

While at AFF, I was allowed to pick an extra “house” from the Home Sweet Home Swap that my fiber art group did earlier in the year.  This swap was featured in a magazine, so these are the ones sent back from the publication.  Here’s the house I picked:

homeatc2.jpg        house-atc-1.jpg

The 2 views above are the front and back of the piece.  The beautiful window ATC’s were completed by Mary Lin Huskcamp, the very talented artist and mother-in-law of Tracie Huskcamp.

The front and back door ATC might look familiar- yes, they were created by me! LOL  The blue door on the left was from a picture taken in Scotland and the door on the right hand ATC is actually my front door, the one the cow damaged one rainy night.  Some of you might remember that particular story.

Keep watching… I just took some pictures from my inchie swap to share with you- I will post later in the day.  Hugs, Carla