I’m quilting the guild Opportunity Quilt for a local guild.  Rather than show you the top of the quilt as I’m progressing, I’ll show you a sneak peek of the back side.

The Un-cut Version:  So, this angle was taken when I stuck my camera under the quilt and shot upwards.  You get the hanging threads, naked spots, etc, because, you see, I am not done…   LOL!:


See that oblong shape thing?  That’s my extended base for all straight line and stitch-in-the-ditch type quilting.  It only comes out when I’m forced it has to.  LOL!

It doesn’t look too bad- especially when you know that I injured my right elbow again (my quilting arm) and I’m quilting with an elbow brace.  I always tell people that machine quilting is tough on the body and it is!

Tomorrow is QWW, so be sure to come back to see what I do.  Hugs, Carla

Quilt Show pics

The following pictures were from the Gold Bug Quilt Show in Placerville, CA.  They hold a show every other year.  To see my post recently on the awards won by quilts I own or worked on, click here. Enjoy the show!!

Piecer/Quilter: Barbara Greenlee.  I really enjoyed the colors in her quilt and loved her quilting lines.  They were well executed.

1880’s quilt.  Loved the hand embroidery.  I tried to get a picture of it:

Anyone recognize the quilting style on this early 2006 quilt?

or this one:

Here’s a hint:

Quilt pieced by Teresa Blumbaugh.  She had a computerized quilter do the quilting, I’m not sure which one?

This pretty red quilt above was by Pam Gerkovich.

and a close up:

Quilt by my friend, Linda Van Dyke and quilted by Debbie Joyner.  You might remember I quilted a salmon/green combo quilt just like this one.  The one I did was for Linda’s daughter shown here:

Below is a quilt by kari McDonald.  I really like the colors in this one:

Applique quilt by Bobbie Jarrett

What I like about the quilt above was the folded fabric in the sun/stars which were 3-D.  Quilt created and quilted by Martha Showers.

These lovely church panels were made by Barbara Norman and usually on display at Westminister Presbyterian Church in San Jose, CA

The following 3 Asian quilts were from a group challenge:

Quilt by Suzie Quinnell

pieced and quilted by Riet van Klaveren

The last challenge quilt, above, is titled “Chop Chop,” but I can’t read who it is by.  Enjoy!

Quilt and applique design by Kathy Delaney.   Hand quilted and applique by Sandi Miller.  I thought she did a terrific job!  Say… anyone see what quilt is hanging behind this one???

Here’s the answer.

For some reason, I only took a small fraction of the quilts hanging in the show.   Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed the mini show from this guild.

Happy Quilting!  Carla

Guild Show Viewer’s Choice Awards

My local quilting guild, the Gold Bug Quilters, had their quilt show this past weekend.  I had entered 2 quilts of my own and sponsored a quilt for Barb that I had quilted.  I also had a dozen or so more quilts that I had quilted in the show- including many featured in past blog posts.

The show was not judged, instead all the guild members and attendees vote for their favorite quilts.  Imagine my surprise when my quilt, Tropical Poppy, earned the Viewers choice for lap size quilts!  It didn’t enter my head that it would win, in fact, I didn’t even vote for it- LOL!

Remember the recent Valentine Quilt I quilted for Jayne?  It was the big viewer choice winner in the show, winning both Pieced, Machine Quilted quilt and also the equivalent of Viewer’s Choice Best of Show!!  Woo-hoo!! I don’t have a picture of the 2 ribbons, but here is are 2 pictures of the quilt hanging in the show:

I also appreciate that the guild made me a special name tag that identified me as having quilted the Guild’s Opportunity Quilt (see top picture above).  That was so nice of them!   I still remember the “incident” where a volunteer ripped the quilt, fixed by a fiber and beaded dragonfly!  I’ve already been asked to quilt the guild opportunity quilt in 2010,  that sounds and feels so far away.


In the next day or so, I will show you some wonderful quilts that were hanging in this show.

Regards, Carla

Guild Show Opening

My local guild, the Gold Bug Quilters, is having their once-every-two-year quilt show.  I entered 2 of my own quilts, plus this one I quilted and is owned by my friend, Barb.  It is called , “Sunrise, Sunset” and you may see the front of the quilt here and here on my Flickr page.

The following pictures are of the back of the quilt, which showed up nicely in the light as I was sewing on the show label this morning:

and some detail quilting:

and one more picture:

All of the quilt is freehand, except for a portion of a lovely flower stencil by Pat Campbell you can find here.  I love that flower and can now do it from memory.

Friday night, I’m treating Barb to dinner and the quilt preview show!  I’m glad she can come with me.  Barb is a talented quilt piecer and designer, we have collaborated on many quilts together- and some in the future!

This show is non judged, by the way.  I’m not sure how many quilts that I’ve worked on will be in this particular show, my guesstimate is a dozen or so.  I will take pictures of all the quilts on display that I like and share them with you.  Regards, Carla