Egyptian Quilt

Check out this cool Egyptian quilt, original design by Barb, that i picked up yesterday:


and a close up of her center section:


This quilt is a special gift for her husband, Lewis.  Now to start sketching what i plan to do on it- quilting wise.  Yes, I will workin some Egyptian designs into the quilt,  in case you were wondering.

Jack update:  We babysat Jack last night, he is so blasted adorable- though I might be biased!  Here is a recent picture of him eating out at a restaurant:


He looks just like my son did at this age, but he has his own personality.

Enjoy your autumn/spring day, depending on which side of the globe you live on.  Hugs, Carla

Jack at 5 months

This post is for all the friends, family and lovely blog readers who are following my joy with my first grandson, Jack. Here are a cross section of recent Jack images:

And my favorite funny one:

Hmmm… how many adults are that flexible? LOL! He is just so blasted cute to see in person.

Tomorrow is traveling day. Thanks to Mae, who is house and pet sitting for me during my trip to visit my dad. I will most likely blog a few times during my stay, I’m bringing my iphone with me. I also downloaded from itunes a few movies to watch on my trip, plus a bunch of TV shows to keep me busy on the flights.

Hugs, Carla

Update on Jack

Just have to sneak in an update on Jack for all the relatives and friends who wish to see how he is growing. He is so blasted cute, but of course I am just a wee bit biased. 🙂

Floor Time at Grandma & Grandpa’s:

I think Jack liked my rug:

He is rolling back and forth now. Soon he will be crawling, I’m going to have to baby-proof our house before then.

Busy day- today is DD Amy’s hearing aide check up. Of course, I have to make side trips to the art store, the bead shop, and also the thrift store looking for collage and art goodies. Tonight is fair entry pick-up, between 4-8 pm. I had some family visiting, so now the house feels more empty. I’m in a creative mode, so I expect to have lots to share this week!