Guild Show Opening

My local guild, the Gold Bug Quilters, is having their once-every-two-year quilt show.  I entered 2 of my own quilts, plus this one I quilted and is owned by my friend, Barb.  It is called , “Sunrise, Sunset” and you may see the front of the quilt here and here on my Flickr page.

The following pictures are of the back of the quilt, which showed up nicely in the light as I was sewing on the show label this morning:

and some detail quilting:

and one more picture:

All of the quilt is freehand, except for a portion of a lovely flower stencil by Pat Campbell you can find here.  I love that flower and can now do it from memory.

Friday night, I’m treating Barb to dinner and the quilt preview show!  I’m glad she can come with me.  Barb is a talented quilt piecer and designer, we have collaborated on many quilts together- and some in the future!

This show is non judged, by the way.  I’m not sure how many quilts that I’ve worked on will be in this particular show, my guesstimate is a dozen or so.  I will take pictures of all the quilts on display that I like and share them with you.  Regards, Carla

Molly Floral Quilt

I finished the cute floral quilt for Molly, this one was fun to quilt.

When you make a quilt with large floral fabrics, which I love by the way, the downside is that the quilting really doesn’t show up all too well. Anyway, I’m done and on to my next quilt- my own!

The next quilt up will be a special quilt for myself. Because I plan on showing it, and my co-creator is planning on marketing it as a pattern, I won’t be showing it on the blog for awhile. Well ok, maybe a close-up here and there. LOL!

Last night, we went to see a ball game with the local AAA team, the Rivercats. This picture was taken with a cell phone:

The last time I had been taken out to a ball game, I think Reagan was still in office! I was surprised by all the advertising tie-ins and promos. A typical promo was if a certain player got a hit, then every person in your particular seating section would win a lotto ticket. And because I visited on “Macy Wednesday,” they would encourage people to wave their Macy’s card or new application into the air and would choose people to win gift certificates. Pretty funny and geared towards people with short attention spans. It was fun.

Today, I am mentoring two young friends to learn to sew and make a flannel bag. They are the grand-daughters of Ranch Ed, my very cool rancher neighbor. here is what the bag looks like:

This will be their first sewing experience, so it will be fun. First step, I teach them how fun shopping therapy is!! We have a field trip planned to my local quilt store. They are cute, one asked me if we could find dachshund fabric since they have a new dachshund puppy. She has a good future as a fabric stash builder!

Enjoy your Thursday! Hugs, Carla

Watercolor Quilting

I’ve finished the watercolor quilt for my friend, Barb. Here are the rough pictures of the front and the back. It is a straight and flat quilt, if you see any “bumps,” it is where the sheet was bunched up. I lay down a sheet to protect the finished quilt when I take my pictures.

barbfront2.jpg barbfrontquilt.jpg barbcloseup.jpg

barb-floral-quilt-front.jpg barbfloralquilt.jpg barbquiltback.jpg

I decided against the 3D dragonfly, the quilt was textural enough.  As you can see, I quilted this quilt with a combo of Asian and floral motifs,  you might recognize that one stylized flower from the Asian Guild quilt I finished last Monday.

Now it is time for an updated Jack picture:


Joe was holding him in the picture above.  Isn’t he adorable???  Of course, I am a wee bit prejudiced!  LOL!

Here is a picture of Jack with my son’s best friend, Bobby: (More about Bobby later)


Bobby is a computer wiz that graduated from MIT.  He does websites for businesses and political campaigns across the country, so I asked him to do my website.  He said yes! so I am very pleased.  More about this later.

Enjoy your day!  Carla