Shopping Therapy

With my Metal Arts class this semester, I have a good reason to engage in some shopping therapy- all in the name of education!! Today, I visited a lapidary store and picked up a flex shaft set to use on my metal homework.  A flex shaft is basically like a Dremel tool, only on steroids.  It has a foot control like a sewing machine too.

I also bought a sheet of 24 gauge silver and this terrific book:

Never thought I would get so excited about buying sheets of metal.  I will eventually turn the silver into jewelry…well eventually.  I’m still learning all the tools and techniques right now.  I’ll show you more homework one of these days.

DD Amy, the artist, needed a mom taxi to the doctor today, so I was a nice mum and drove her about.  Thank god for cell phones, I could drop her off, then run across the street to the quilt store and visit with friends there before receiving the phone call to come pick her up.  This is the way the world should work, I’ve decided.

Tomorrow, I have got to work on the bargello quilt,  I still need to finalize my quilting plan.  It seems I get side tracked by real life.  Hugs, Carla