Ho Ho HO Merry Christmas!

My Christmas card for 2011 is “rebus” style.  The above digital art gives a nod to Suzette from my old paper arts and rubber stamp days.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah, depending on your faith.   I do hope you will take the time to share one thing you are grateful for this holiday season.  I am off to wrap presents for my darling grandchildren, Jack, Kate and Ethan.  I am so blessed by them, they bring so much joy to Joe and I’s lives!  Peace and Love to you and your families!

Retail Therapy on Vacation

Hello! Took time yesterday to do a little retail therapy- I hit the local quilt store in Springfield, MO and the bead shop.  I did find some cool books, plus a delightful purse pattern seen here:

The purse pattern is unusual in that it has an interesting braided handle and way of attaching.  When I eventually make this, I’ll share more.

Today, I’m headed back in town to visit the local fiber store, plus the fabric store.  My dad has some furniture cushions that are sliding around so I will fix that for him before I fly home this weekend.

I also have been busy beading- so far I’ve made 4 new pieces to share when I get back home to my laptop.  I also can’t wait to get back to my quilting machine- I have withdrawals if I don’t use it.  LOL!

Note to all the kind blog readers/friends who have emailed me about my father.  He is doing much better now and his last surgery earlier this week went very well!  Unfortunately, there is a glitch on my iphone, so my email replies are not sending.  When I arrive home, I will also post a list of inchies received in my inchie swap while I was gone.

Last, but not least, a quick shout out to Michele Foster, over at the Quilting Bloggers (see link on my side bar).  She has posted 3 Feathered Fibers cartoons I drew last year in her Quilting Gallery.  Go check out her site, Michele has done a great job of compiling quilting blogs and other quilting resources in one terrific location.  If you have a blog, you might also want to add your site, too.

Miss you all!!  Hugs, Carla

Cartoon Deadline

Yesterday, I needed to drop everything and draw one of my quilting cartoons for a publication deadline. I can only give you a small sneak peek:

This cartoon will be in the next issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited, a quilting magazine dedicated to the home machine quilter. You can see one of my previously published cartoons, titled “Dropping Your Feed Dogs,” on their website shown HERE on page 2. For non-quilters, the cartoon has a play on words using a common quilting phrase. In this cartoon, the new quilter, not knowing this, takes the instructor literally. So far, I haven’t received any animal rights hate mail, so all is good! LOL!

Enjoy your day! Hugs, Carla

Cartoon Published in a New Magazine

I am pleased to announce that my cartoon will be published into it’s first publication! It will be in a brand new quilting magazine by Meander Publishing, LLC called Machine Quilting Unlimited. Meander Publishing is also the publishing company that puts out a popular stand up machine quilting magazine as well. The premiere issue will be coming out before the end of the year! Get your subscription today.

I have not been posting my newer cartoons on my blog because I want to keep the material fresh, as well as marketable. Here’s a spare one slightly altered for this post- LOL:


In the meantime, I’ve now learned to draw my cartoon according to publishing specs and resolution requirements. If you are new to my cartoon, I draw directly onto my laptop screen using a stylus with Photoshop software. That is what works for me, though I am open to advice from any cartoonists that stumble onto this post.

Tomorrow, I’ll post more artwork/fiber or beading photos from my old blog. Come back for a visit! As always, I love to hear from you

Hugs, Carla