I had joined facebook a long time ago, then promptly lost my password.  The program software would not email it to me.  Earlier this week, after some prodding by my good friend, Faith,  I decided to spend the calories getting it all worked out.

For all you blog readers, my facebook page is HERE in case you want to add me.  Just add a note saying you are a blog reader and I will be happy to accept the request.

Even my new grandson, Jack, has a facebook page, obviously intended for close friends and family:

jack facebook I love this picture as it captures his personality!  He also loves to imitate his mom and dad on the cell phone, too.

Yesterday, Jack spent the day with us.  He was a very happy guy the whole day and only fussed a little bit at bedtime.   My heart melts everytime he runs to me or holds his arms out to me.

Today, I hope to finish the quilt I have been slowly working on.  I also have to study for the 2 day sailing class Joe and I are taking next weekend up in Lake Tahoe.

How was your weekend??