Fabric Crochet Purse

fabric crochet purse / bag by Carla Barrett

fabric crochet purse / bag by Carla Barrett

I created this fabric crochet purse the other day, it was so easy to make.

Obviously, I still need to add a strap, but I like this purse and the fabric strip fringe detail.

My quilting readers will recognize the batik fabric used for this project.

IMG_9985Here is another view of my purse, minus the purse straps.  I created this bag as a class sample for my Fabric Crochet Class I am teaching in a few weeks at the AU Machine Quilting Festival.  You, too, can learn this fun project if you are planning to be at this show.   🙂

I am now making a larger bag, perhaps a backpack crochet bag.  This time, I am using citrus colors of yellow, orange, dark orange and shade of lime green.  Think lemons, oranges, and limes.  Anyway, I love fabric crochet and can’t wait to teach it.


What are YOU creating?   Take care, Carla

Crochet Purse class

Had a fun class yesterday teaching my crochet purse. My class description touted this as an EASY project for beginners. Yes, it is THAT easy- LOL! Anyhow, I told the gals I would put pictures of the purse, front and back profile, on my blog to help them refer to until we meet again next week.

Front: front-purse.jpg


eyelet detail:eyelet-detail.jpg

In next week’s class we will finish their project.  I will be sure to bring my camera so I may take pictures of each person’s purse- with their permission, of course.  Anyway, they were a fun group and I appreciated that they signed up for my class.

Other news: Watch for pictures of the finished inchie project, and my fiber swap, fiber charm swap, and trades.  Also for an update of Rex the Wonderhound, who has the uncanny ability to find every stray foxtail there is.  He might be undergoing surgery this morning, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Hugs, Carla