“Elegant” Quilting

After looking at Jill’s quilt, and knowing she wants a simple understated quilting treatment, I decided to use the word “elegant” as my quilting inspiration. I remembered seeing a lovely design from a Karen McTavish book (from a few years ago) and remembered I had picked up a stencil of this design along the way, but had never used it until now:

It is hard to see since I quilted dark gray on black. Here is another view before I added more quilting:

Now here’s my own freehand to complement Karen’s stencil and fully fill out the space:

Subtle, understated, plus it complements the pretty applique in the circles. See? I can quilt using the motto, “less is more” when I want to. A rare event- to be sure, but I can quilt minimally when asked to.

Off to do the blocks now… Enjoy your weekend! Carla