Egyptian Quilt-Pictures Added

Yes!  It is finally completed!  This one took alot of time.  Here are some sneak peek pictures of the stunning Egyptian themed quilt pieced by Barbara Kiehn and quilted by me.

Sorry,  I cannot show you a full picture  of the quilt, only the back and a close up or two.  My collaborator plans to make a quilt pattern in the future from her original design:






There are lots of Egyptian motifs in this one,  scattered around the quilt.  Then I just quilted a ton of texture, varying the size and adding geometric for interest.

Hope you have enjoyed the photos!!  This quilt will be on display next month at the Folsom, CA guild show.  Regards, Carla

Egyptian Quilt

Check out this cool Egyptian quilt, original design by Barb, that i picked up yesterday:


and a close up of her center section:


This quilt is a special gift for her husband, Lewis.  Now to start sketching what i plan to do on it- quilting wise.  Yes, I will workin some Egyptian designs into the quilt,  in case you were wondering.

Jack update:  We babysat Jack last night, he is so blasted adorable- though I might be biased!  Here is a recent picture of him eating out at a restaurant:


He looks just like my son did at this age, but he has his own personality.

Enjoy your autumn/spring day, depending on which side of the globe you live on.  Hugs, Carla