2013 eClass List is Scheduled!

I am excited to announce the following three online classes:

Meada's Roses

Designing Fabric with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements by The Pixeladies
Date: Jan 28 – Feb 17, 2013 (3 weeks)
Cost: $70 (if you have previously enrolled in this class, please ask
for the 50% discount)

Registration starts on January 2nd, 2013!!  Please click here to view a class description and more details!



Tablet Design Class by Carla Barrett-

Dates: March 4-24, 2013  (3 week class)

Fee:  $70  (Repeat Students may contact Carla for a 50% discount rate)

Registration starts on February 18, 2013  (Please click here for detailed information!)


Quilt Whisperer by Carla Barrett                                                                                  Dates:  April 8-28, 2013 (3 week class)
Registration starts on March 20, 2013  (click here for more information)
Fee: $70  (Repeat Students may contact Carla for a 50% discount rate)

Class Description:  Have you ever struggled with how to design the quilting on a quilt top?  This popular 3-week eClass teaches you Carla’s method for how to more easily design quilts for the final step of machine quilting.  This quilting design class is jammed packed with course materials, quilt examples, and fun Creative Exercises.  In addition, you will learn Carla’s favorite quilting designs, feathers, sashings, and inspiration!

Class Level:  This class is open to all levels of quilters- from hand quilters, sit down machine quilters to professional longarm quilters.


Please make note of the date that registration opens for any eClass you are interested in!  Thank you, Carla

Last Chance to Register for Fall eClass

Week 1 has just started in the Pixeladies’ Fall Introduction to Photoshop Elements eClass, and I will be closing registration on Friday, September 21, 2012. 

We have a wonderful group of  artists, quilters, and art quilters taking the current class, which runs for 3 weeks, along with an extra 6 months of course access to finish this self paced class at your leisure.  For more info, please click on “eClasses” in my menu bar above.

Expedition Update:  I have been accepted for the leg of the sailing expedition I wanted, which travels to both The Societies and the Cook Islands in the South Pacific in June, 2013.  This will be a 3 week trip.  Can’t wait to snorkel, see other cultures, and shop for fabric, too!

Works-In-Progress- I will be the guest lecturer/instructor at the January, 2013 Folsom Quilt Guild, so I am busy finishing a workshop project.  It is already quilted, and now I am painting it with pigment colors.  Tomorrow, I plan to quilt a second one to also color.  Keep watching for photos. 

I would love to know what YOU are working on.  Please share!  Carla

Tablet Design Class Starts Monday!!

Wondering why I have been so quiet lately?  I have been busy shooting and editing videos for the new Tablet Design for Quilters Class- which starts on Monday, April 16th, 2012!

This class is turning out to be very cool, if I do say so myself!  Lots of new material, photos, Creative Exercises, and Video Lessons, too!  Plus, each Creative Exercise has a “Fast Draw” video where you can watch me draw and design in Photoshop Elements 10 in fast time, meaning I have sped up the video.  These were fun to make, and I hope to insert an example video here on the blog just for fun.

What will students learn in this eClass?

How to use their tablet and PSE to create and design quilting motifs, pantographs, E2E designs, seamless repeats, plus how to design quilt tops (aka Quilt Whispering), zen doodle,  wholecloth quilts, pictorial quilts and quilts to piece or applique.  I love to jam pack information into my classes, no skimpy lessons here.

Former students will tell you that my classes provide a wonderful value for the price- and include Weekly Video Lessons, Creative Exercises, Interactive Forum, Live Webinar Meetings each week, plus my undivided attention for the 3 weeks that the class runs.  Students have access to the class and course material for an extra 6 months, too, after the 3 weeks are up.

Other News:  Joe, grandson Ethan, and I are leaving to attend Strictly Sail, a sailing convention in the San Francisco Bay area this weekend.  Ethan is almost 1 year old now, and he loves to travel and see new sites.  My favorite part about the trip is that we are staying in the same hotel we stayed in 30 years ago when we honeymooned in the area.  Of course, this time, we have a sweet little baby along.

Last night, my other grandchildren Jack and Kate came for a visit.  Jack is now 4 and Kate is 2.  Watching all 3 grandkids play together just melts my heart!  They are so dear!


Registration Started for Tablet Design Class!

I am pleased to say it has been a busy morning getting students registered for the April Tablet Design Class!  Registration started today, and I am very pleased with the student reception to my eClass.


Click HERE to register for this eClass at StepOnPins.com and/or learn more about this class.

I am off to edit a video, however, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment.  Thank you!  Carla


Tablet Class Registration Begins on 3/15/2012

I thought I would mention that registration for my April Tablet Online Class starts this coming Thursday at 9:00 am PST.

For those of you wanting more information including a class description, please click HERE.

The class is being held at StepOnPins.com.  Demand is expected to be high for this class.  Not sure if you own the right tablet for this course?  Click the class description link in the above paragraph.

Remember, as always, classes at StepOnPins.com are unique with live webinar meetings, video lessons with handouts, Creative Exercises, interactive forum and more!  Students also are given an extra 6 months (once the 3 weeks end) of access to the course to finish or review at their leisure.  Classes are self paced and intended for busy people to fit into their lives.

Any questions?  Please leave me a question in the comment section.  I look forward to seeing you in class!