freeform crochet gallery

I have my own style of freeform crochet. Rather than create scrumbles, then sew the scrumbles together, I like to take my yarn for a walk, so to speak. I like all ways of doing FF crochet, it is just this is how I learned and it feels right to me.

I focus on color and texture, the relationship of the yarns to each other.

The very first freeform item I made was to wrap around a wire armature, creating a FF basket. I showed this the other day:


I moved on to scarfs from the basket:






1436_greenscarf_1.jpg ffscarf6.jpg


I’ve made more scarfs than the above ones, I just can’t seem to find the pictures all right now.  All of the scarves I have presented as gifts or sold.  One was won in my blog contest.  My friend, Susan,  sold one off her neck at a quilt show when she asked to wear mine. (When I open my etsy shop, I need to ask her for marketing help!! LOL)

Next up, I want to make some scarfs to keep my neck warn this winter.  I think I need a freeform crochet purse, one that matches one of the scarfs.

Hugs, Carla

Fiber Food Round Robin exchange

One night, at the 2006 ArtFiberFest workshop retreat, a group of fiber artists were sitting around late at night, just talking and working. One person suggested we do a fiber food exchange amongst ourselves, we all thought that would be fun, and next thing you know, we are creating our food and having fun!

Basically, each person created a plate or tray and a theme. You send this to the next person, who then added food according to the theme of the piece. The results were fantastic. We were featured in a fiber art Portals “zine” (thanks to Suzanne, who sent me he (zine copy so I could view it), and each plate will be on display in the AFF gallery.

**Please note that the following food items were made out of fiber.

My choice for this project was a retro TV dinner tray. I made the tray and received back the filled tray:


Here are some other pictures I took while each plate was in my possession:

Elegant appetizers (I made lemongrass caviar)


Breakfast Plate:

breakfast-plate.jpg The egg was my addition: carla-egg.jpg

Next is the Salad Bar plate:

salad-plate-2.jpg My addition to this plate was: saladplate.jpg lorissalad.jpg

For the Dessert Tray, I made a cross between a ding-dong and a cupcake… chocolate, of course!:

dessert.jpg dessert-tray.jpg

Last, but not least, is the Bento Box:

bentobox.jpg I was inspired, so I added: potstickers.jpg and sushi.jpg

I added the potstickers, sushi, and some rice:


It will be a treat to see each finished plate on display. I will have to take photos to share. I also want to share about each artist in this project and their respective plate. We are talking about another exchange, but this one will be hard to top.

Take care! Hugs, Carla