Wire work

In preparation for turning in my metal portfolio for the semester, I have been finishing a few more items.

After my wire crochet experiment the other night using 28 gauge copper wire, I decided the weave was actually a knit, similar to a viking knit, but different.  Here it is using a 24 gauge wire, before compacting it using a wooden drawplate:


Then I finished 2 more chain maille bracelets out of copper wire.  Thanks to Faith, who made me the copper jump rings used to make these:


My last picture features a leaf that is a wire formed design. You then press a sheet of metal over the wire using a hydraulic press to create the design.  Here I have it temporarily on my previous wire knit:


Hope your December day is beautiful where you live.  Check out my sunset last night from out my front door:


Hugs, Carla

Kumihimo #2

Now that I figured out how to braid fibers, I wanted to make one for Stephanie.  It needed to match her pendant, so here is what I made last night:


I still think it needs another component for balance, so I just temporarily wrapped one of my chain maille bracelets for the picture.  Stephanie, if you read this, think about adding beads or metal to the braided part.

I like the colors better in this one with matching the pendant.  I used about 20 strands of yarn/fibers in the braid above.

Next, my artistic harmony turns to quilting.  Have lots of quilts to do before Christmas, so I had best get busy!!  I’m also planning another “Carla and Lori Creative Adventure Week” in early January.   This entails a drive to Manhattan Beach with a car loaded with art supplies.  We take over Lori’s living room, and make a HUGE MESS while pursuing our art.  We also teach each other what we have learned since the last Creative Adventure Week.  I come back home with my brain exploding with creative thoughts!!  LOL!

Enjoy your day and do something creative!  Hugs, Carla