Cuppa Joe

One of the side benefits to being married to Joe is that he brings me french pressed, 100%  Kona coffee to me every morning.  A perfect cuppa Joe, no pun intended.  I married a coffee lover and I rather like it.

redbeans (photo from

100% Kona Coffee is a bit pricey- about $30 per pound)  Pretty soon, I bet he’ll start serving me Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee next.  I’m OK with that.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it has a wonderful flavor with no bitter aftertaste.  It makes you turn your nose up at canned coffee.


Tonight we are attending a BBQ at a friend of Joe’s from work.  This is a lovely couple from Pakistan,  it is sure to be a multi-national evening.  Joe has friends from all over the world, so I love seeing how other cultures live and what food they eat.


This was a productive week for my private machine quilting instruction… 4 new students!  I love to work with new and existing quilters one-to-one, and help them grow their skills.

Enjoy your weekend!!