WIP Wednesday

Today, I am showcasing two drawings from a young artist- Amy!  Amy is taking her very first drawing class and here is the b&w study of a bell pepper and a tree, which are class assignments:

She did a fabulous job!!  Can’t wait to see what else she creates!  In case you are curious, Amy is my middle child.

I am working on my “inchie Project” packaging.  Can’t just send them in a plastic bag, so I am making each Inchie participant a special container.  To that end, here it the 2 yard fabric that I quilted, Carla freeform style:

I’ll reveal more later!!

Lastly, thank you for all the comments and emails about my dad!  He is getting out of ICU today finally, which is great news.  It is hard when a loved one is ill and they live so far away.

Hugs, Carla