Freeform Winter Necklace

As I have mentioned before, I am honored to be a part of Blogging Designer Program for the last few years.   I love designing and creating bead, fiber, and metal jewelry pieces, and appreciate that I was chosen to participate in their program.

The Challenge was to create a piece inspired by “Winter Enchantment.”  I thought about the words and was immediately inspired by snow, winter and to create a freeform necklace and pendant appropriate for a winter bride:

I knew I wanted a pendant, so I searched the Artbeads website and discovered this lovely Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Pendant:

I next ordered a lovely selection of seed beads in various sizes and shades of white, gold, and silver seed beads and delicas.    I also used some lovely pearls, too, to add to the necklace.

To help ground the piece, I used a spiral Cellini Stitch for the necklace strap.  I thought it would a nice juxtaposition to go from chaos in the freeform work to organized in the spiral Cellini strap.

In the end, I love how the piece came out.   I did change colors in the beginning, but that is a part of the creative process- giving yourself the freedom to change directions.

For the Quilters reading this, please be aware that I will be teaching FreeForm Beading for Quilters at International Machine Quilting Showcase in May, 2011.  No experience needed for this class.

Thanks, once again, to ArtBeads.  Please note that I received some of the products free of charge from ArtBeads, but the company gives me complete freedom to review honestly each of the products received.  I have not been paid for any endorsements.

I hope you enjoy seeing this Winter necklace and pendant!  Hugs, Carla Barrett