Cartoon Caption Contest

I do have to say, it was a very hard decision to pick a winner as there were some great captions.  To refresh your memory, I drew a rough cartoon sketch, and had Blog and Facebook friends suggest funny captions.

The winner gets a cartoon ready to frame, once I redraw my final version with their caption.  Here is the cartoon:

cartoon by Carla Barrett

cartoon by Carla Barrett

And the winner is…….

Karen Griska from The Selvage Blog!!!  Her winning caption was very quirky, just like my humor:  “Fired from her job as a one-armed paper-hanger, Mary gives rotary cutting a try.”   Well done, Karen!!

I confess to laughing when I read that one!  I even ran it by my local quilt store owner- who has an even quirkier sense of humor than I do.  He laughed, too!  He did edit Karen’s winning caption by taking off the “wall” before the “paper-hanger” as it does flow better.

Karen, will contact you for your address.  I may even have a little fun when I redraw the cartoon and personalize it for you.  🙂

Illustration Friday: Worry

And a close up of the worms:

I don’t think I would trust that top worm… LOL! Btw, I am drawing to the word, “worry,” this week.

This simple cartoon is actually a metaphor for many topics, I decided as I illustrated it. I’ll let you guess which ones.

Enjoy your weekend! Regards, Carla

created in Photoshop

Cartoon Deadline

Yesterday, I needed to drop everything and draw one of my quilting cartoons for a publication deadline. I can only give you a small sneak peek:

This cartoon will be in the next issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited, a quilting magazine dedicated to the home machine quilter. You can see one of my previously published cartoons, titled “Dropping Your Feed Dogs,” on their website shown HERE on page 2. For non-quilters, the cartoon has a play on words using a common quilting phrase. In this cartoon, the new quilter, not knowing this, takes the instructor literally. So far, I haven’t received any animal rights hate mail, so all is good! LOL!

Enjoy your day! Hugs, Carla

Wednesday WIP

I had a productive day today… even though I did think twice anytime I needed to go outside.  For those that wonder why, see my last post here.

I finally threw out my last banner/header and just redrew a new one tonight.  I love my Carla Bird and the colors contrasted against the black, so for now, this will be my header until I tire of it.  Here’s my Carla Bird:

IDOL Watch

Yes, as predicted, the two David’s are going to be in the final.  I strongly believe that David Cook should win,  he has a maturity to his voice and talent that can’t be touched!  It is no contest between the two, imho.  Who are you voting for?

Regards, Carla

Congrats to…

…Vicki for winning my second blog contest! While drinking my morning coffee with my dear husband (DH), Joe, I asked him to pick a number between 1 and 49. #5 is the winner- and it turned out to be Vicki Welch. Vicki, expect an email soon!

Thanks to all who entered! I appreciate that you take the time to visit the blog and also leave such nice comments. Hugs, from Carla

Feathered Fibers Blog Milestone

I finally passed my 200,000th Blog Visits the other day (about 3500 hits ago to be exact)!!  Thanks to all my visitors- I’m still surprised that people find what I do and create to be interesting enough to come back time after time!!


To celebrate, I’m going to run another contest.  The winner to receive a Carla creation of my choice… though I might be willing to listen to the winner’s input!  LOL  To Enter, simply post a comment under this particular blog entry.  Drawing will be next Sunday Morning after I drink my coffee- which should be about 8:00 a.m.  Pacific Standard Time.

Thank you for all your comments, emails and support!!  Hugs from Carla

Cartoon Deadline and Quilt Judging

In true Carla Fashion, I am drawing to my magazine deadline today. Sometimes, I really have to think about my target reader and tailor it to them… but too much Carla humor might offend… LOL!!

Here is a cartoon that I can show you… an apology to all my judges (certified or otherwise) and judges in training for NQA certification:

Feel free to comment on the whole judging experience. Is it subjective or not? How skilled or formally trained should judges be?? If you are a quilt judge, I would love to also hear from you. Feedback and various views are encouraged…

In the meantime, if anyone has funny quilt judge comments they would like to share with me, please do. If I use it in one of my cartoons, I will send you one.

Hugs, Carla