Carolina Lily Quilting

My arm aches, my legs are tired, but the quilt is finished!! It came out very nice, a pretty quilt, if I do say so myself. May I present the finished Carolina Lily quilt:

nancyfinished.jpg nancyfinished2.jpg

and the corner:

nancyfinished3.jpg nancy-finished4.jpg

I’m too tired to reposition it for a back view, please use your imagination- LOL! My next step is to trim it, then ship it off to its owner.

In case you are curious, I use 2 batts for the quilting to give it extra loft with the applique and alternating blocks.  The blank blocks I used a stencil pattern by Anita Shackelford. The edge triangle blocks, I simply quilted an undulating freehand feather and the edge border was my Carla freehand fill. No marking, I simply quilt a freehand design as I go. There was a reason I did this- the 4 borders were not even, so I wanted to quilt something that she could trim anywhere and it would still look good.

Onto the next quilt now. Hope you have enjoyed my approach to this quilt. I like doing custom quilts for special people- and this owner is a very sweet, southern lady. I’ll let you know what her reaction is when she receives it.

Enjoy your weekend! Carla