Quilt Whispering Example

Last month, I visited a friendly, welcoming guild in Phoenix for a lecture and workshop.  The lecture was my Quilt Whisper one, and I love to ask guild members to send me quilt tops pictures to design and include in my PowerPoint presentation.

Here is a lovely quilt by AZ Quilter Janet Grant- who kindly gave me permission to share her quilt and my proposed design with you.  Btw, this stunning quilt design is by Judy Neimeyer):

Here is my proposed quilting design for Janet:

Here is a close up of a section:

I hope you enjoyed this Quilt Whispering Example!  Have fun!  Carla

New “Classes” tag

If you look above my Blog Title art, you will see a new tag labeled “Classes.”

I added the new “Classes” tag today to update blog readers, and also potential students who are interested in my upcoming Fall online class, “Quilt Whisperer” and/or the next class in the Quilt Whisperer series: “High Tech Designing for Quilters.”  Students who want to be notified of any future classes may also leave a comment there and I will add you to my list.

When I set the date(s) for both classes, I will also give you more info about how to sign up and pay, class supply list, and other basic information about taking a class online.

Keep watching for more info!!  Carla