Buggy Barn Heart Quilt

I have finished the Heart Quilt. Here is the outcome:

First, the block and sashing design:

then the full quilt:

Even though it was a simple quilting, it was rather labor intensive due to the density of the quilting. Thus said, it hangs very nice on my dining room table.

I LOVE Buggy Barn patterns. Especially in bright or batik colors.

Now to load the next one… Can you tell I’m on a roll?? Hugs, Carla

Valentine Heart Quilt

Next up on my machine quilting table is a lovely Buggy Barn pattern quilt by a friend, Virginia:

Before I talk about my quilting plan, here are some close ups of the block pattern:

I love the whimsical feel of Buggy Barn patterns, so this will be a happy quilt to work on.

Next step is to pick the thread and also the quilting pattern. I promise to show you what I’m thinking, quilting design wise, but I first need to draw and email them to Virginia so she can have some input with her quilt. Keep watching! Hugs, Carla

PS: Ok, here’s the proposed quilting design options for this quilt- as indicated by the black lines:

Be sure to notice the numbers…any guess as to which number or elements she will chose?

Thread: I’m thinking I might go with either a lighter shade of thread for the light areas and a darker red for the dark parts. This will maintain the values and contrast in this quilt and just give it some lovely texture.