Carla’s Free Blog Giveaway!

Having reached the first 1 Million visitors to Feathered Fibers earlier this year, I wanted to offer a free blog  giveaway.  Not only a giveaway, but a custom giveaway!  The winner will have their choice of one of the following, created just for them by me!

Prize Option 1: Peyote Bracelet- you pick the main color!  Here is an example:

or, Prize Option 2: Freeform scarf or bowl- again, you pick the main color!  See examples below:


or, Prize Option 3: Custom cartoon- created for you, matted and ready for a 8×10 frame!

or, Prize Option 4: Freeform Beaded Necklace- you choose the main color!  Below are examples of a freeform necklace and a freeform beaded pendant.


Entering this Free Giveaway is easy as 1-2-3 :

1. Post a comment under this blog post if you are entering (so I may keep track of  your entry) Share what prize you would want if you win?  If you want, you can copy any photos of the prizes if you would like to share them on your blog. Be sure to leave me your blog address, so I may verify that you followed my 1-2-3 rules.

2. Post a link back to my blog at either or using my birdie art (below):

  (to copy, just right click and save as)

3. Last step- Post on your blog that Carla Barrett is having a free blog giveaway  and that Carla is holding another Quilt Whisperer Class on January 9, 2012, a creative class on quilting design for all levels of quilters.

That’s all you need to do to enter!  I get some exposure for my blog and class- and you may win a custom prize!  Contest ends on noon (PST) January 7, 2012, and the winner will be decided by a random number generator and immediately notified.  I will also announce the winner on my blog here, too.

Please note that the winning item selected will be made custom, so obviously, it will take me time to create. I do promise to be as timely as possible.

Good luck to you all!

Happy Holidays from Carla

And the winner is…..

… Paulette Insall!!  Congrats to Paulette, she is the winner of my fall freeform crochet scarf!

Here is how the contest was decided.  I assigned numbers to all the entries.  Anyone who linked to me got 2 chances.  I then took the number of entries and entered them into the random number generator.  Here is the screen shot of the winning number:

True Random Number Service

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-10-15


Thank you for all the entries, this was my largest number of participants yet!  As you know, I love to give away items from time to time, past winners are here, here, and here.    To recap, this contest was to celebrate Fall and also to celebrate another blog milestone.  Paulette will be sent this lovely scarf:

and here’s a closeup (oops, excuse my typo):

Enjoy your Autumn day and remember, if your really have to have one of my freeform scarves, a tutorial is posted here. Hugs, Carla

Fall into Fall Blog Giveaway!

Carla Note: The giveaway is now over.  Thanks to all the participants.  Congrats to the winner- who was Paulette Insall.

It is Autumn!!  Time to think about crisp fall weather, falling leaves, and apple cider!  To celebrate this season, I am joining a group of other blogs to offer a “Fall into Fall Giveaway!”  I love to spread creative generosity, hence the reason I have joined this joint giveaway project.  To celebrate my new Freeform Crochet Scarf Tutorial, I’ve decided to giveaway  this lovely freeform crochet scarf:

How to Enter:

To enter, simply leave me a comment under this post beginning on October 1st .  That’s it.  I’ve decided to make it easy for you all and not have you post a link or do anything else.  I’m feeling generous today. However… if you want a second chance, read on!

Extra chance! If you link to my blog, then you get a double chance at winning the scarf.  Just mention this in your comment and I’ll know to check and add you twice.

My giveaway will end on October 15th, at 9:00 am PST.  I will pick a winner at that time and announce it on the blog.   (Be sure to leave your email in the space provided so I can contact you if you win.  Your info will remain confidential and no spam will occur.) Good luck to you all!

But Wait!

You can also visit this link, which will take you to a site that lists other blog participating in this Fall Giveaway.  Who knows? You might get lucky!

Enjoy your day!!  Carla

Bead Therapy, etc.

Went for a little shopping therapy at my favorite Bead store- you know, the one with the HUGE bin? You can run your fingers through this large bin of beads, and fill bags of plastic for $3 per bag. It was a 4 bag kind of day. I also went a little crazy buying other supplies:

Then, on my way home, I stopped at the thrift store and found lots of good finds. My favorite were there 3 costume jewelry pieces that I can de-construct and reuse:

What I am reading:

In preparation for my metal arts class, I purchased Susan Lenart Kazmer’s new book Making Connections:

I’ve admired her work for at least a decade or more! This is a lovely book and can be found on her website.

Enjoy your day!! Remember, only 3 more days (until Sunday Aug. 17, 2008) until the end of my FREE blog giveaway!

Take time in your day to do something creative!! Hugs, Carla

Inchies and Other Mailings

(Carla Note: blog contest details are here.)

How are you today! Thought I would mention all the goodies which have arrived to my studio recently.

Inchies, Inchies and More Inchies!!– I am running an inchie exchange over on MQResource, a quilting site. What are inchies, you ask?? Just see my inchie tutorial to learn more! Anyway, the inchies are trickling in, here are the ones which have arrived so far:

Don’t they look lovely?? Terrific job by all the artists above!


Beaded Workspace– Next up relates to the freeform beaded necklace that I shared in my post yesterday. Quilter Karen A. asked me how do I keep the beads from going in all directions as I work with them? Here is a photo of my workspace that shows the piece of fleece/felt, the ceramic dish and other items:

You might be wondering why I have an antique key in the picture? I found it recently, so I’m planning to use it somehow. It is just sitting there for inspiration.


Another Mailbox Goodie– My sister, Yvette, sent me an adorable Life is Good t-shirt from the New England East Coast region:

I love that Lobster!! Thanks, Sis!


Don’t Forget! Before I go, I must remind you of my blog contest I am currently running until Sunday, August 17th, 2008 at noon:

The winner gets their choice of a lovely freeform crochet scarf, handmade by me! This is at least a $150.00 value (or was it $175?). I arrived at that price because that is how much that my friend and wearable artist Susan Italo sold it for when I let her wear one of my scarves at a quilt show. A merchant vendor saw Susan wearing it and decided she must own it!! Thanks, Susan, for your negotiating skills!

That’s all for today. Hope your day is creative! Hugs, Carla

Freeform Beaded Necklace- WIP

This necklace is a work-in-progress (WIP):

and a close-up image:

This is a project that is evolving. The base piece, in case you are curious, is a herringbone bead weaving pattern.

I like this so far. Beading like this is very therapeutic, very relaxing. Hmmm… perhaps I’ll start a second one using different colors.


This is a reminder that I have a blog contest going on right now (until August 17, 2008). The winner has their choice between two freeform crochet scarves, which are shown at the link above. See details there.


The neighbor’s herd was visiting again when I woke up this morning. Here is what I saw out my bedroom french door:

Yes, it was the main big bull, along with some of his women and children. My weird dog, Rex, was excited to have his friends visit, so he decided to graze with them. In case you are curious, they come in through a gate so they may eat down our summer grasses and provide more of a fire break. It’s a win-win!

Enjoy your day!! Hugs, Carla

Time for Another Blog Contest!

I’ve decided to run another blog contest- this time it is just because I feel like it! Here are the simple rules…

1. Winner to be selected next Sunday, August 17, 2008 at noon, PST.

2. Winner to select a freeform crochet scarf – from one of the 2 freeform scarves recently featured in Post 1 and Post 2:


3. To sign up, post this image on your blog within a post and a link back to my Feathered Fiber blog site:

(to copy, just right click and “save image as”)

4. Last requirement, come back to this post and leave me a comment so I may check out your site and add your name to my contest jar.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do to enter and win my free give-away! Good luck, Carla

My Lucky Day!!

It doesn’t get any better than this!! First off, I received a wonderful mailing from Vicki Welsh over at Field Trips in Fiber, and so I happily open it. She makes the most wonderful soap and so I am the lucky recipient of Hemp Soap, Jojoba mango, and Shea Butter soaps!! Best yet, they come wrapped in a lovely handdyed artsy goodness! Thank you, Vicki!!

I went to post a picture, but I’m afraid my Scandisk card reader crashed, so I will buy a new one tomorrow. I’m afraid I’ve dropped it one time too many.

Also in the mail was a “thank you” card from Virginia, a lovely piecer.  I had corrected an “oops” by her machine quilter located far, far away, and she was expressing her thanks by a gift certificate from a local quilt store.  Thanks, Virginia!

Next, I stop by my friend, Barb’s house to pick up a quilt top. Barb, the best piecer I know, agreed to design and piece a quilt top for me- we are working on some collaboration projects. This quilt top is AMAZING!!! Lots of wonderful places for me to quilt some lovely motifs! I will quilt this quilt when i get back! Plus, Barb threw in some quilting books, and another quilt top, too!! (Thank you, Barb, if you are reading this! You rock!)

Spent the afternoon with Jack (and his parents), he is getting to be pretty mobile already. He is so cute, engaging and best of all, he saved up his explosion for his dad this time. LOL!! Pictures will follow. Of Jack…. not the explosion.

After visiting Jack, we came home and I decided to check my email. Lisa Kingsley, over at Pincushion Points blog, emailed me to let me know I won her blog contest!! Am I lucky or what?? Shall I now play the lottery?

Regards, Carla

Congrats to…

…Vicki for winning my second blog contest! While drinking my morning coffee with my dear husband (DH), Joe, I asked him to pick a number between 1 and 49. #5 is the winner- and it turned out to be Vicki Welch. Vicki, expect an email soon!

Thanks to all who entered! I appreciate that you take the time to visit the blog and also leave such nice comments. Hugs, from Carla