Quilt Batting

I have good news to report.  Joe and I were able to recover my missing batting order.  ( FYI for non-quilters, batting is the middle layer of the quilting process, the part that makes a quilt fluffy.)

The company I ordered it from sent it to the wrong address, which I recounted in a post yesterday.  After class got out,  Joe and I went over to see if the tenant was home and knew what happened to my order.  It went smoother than I thought it would, no pit bull to rip our throats out,  no sign of obvious meth activity.

The tenant did talk about opening the box and oops, he lost my invoice.  I have to doublecheck whether I am missing one package of black batt, he mumbled something about opening it and keeping him warm at night.  My large roll, which stands about 5 feet high and weighs 40 lbs., was a bit worse for wear with the plastic torn off at the top.  All in all, I am happy to recover as much as I did.  I will call the batting company and if my order is short, they will have to send me free replacement package.

Life is good.  I have my batting.


Next month, I am gearing up to teach some more classes at my local quilt store, High Sierra Quilters.  I will be teaching my “Quilt Whisperer” class, which is a class on how to “read” a quilt and what design to quilt.  It is open to all quilters, even for people who send their quilts out to be quilted.

I also will be teaching my fabric crochet purse class.  I have a free tutorial for this project in my Free Tutorial section, but it is fun to teach this class in person.  Here are 2  samples:



Another class will be on the technique I used on my Tropical Poppy quilt.  This will be a therapeutic quilt class, we will take a large print fabric and slash away, then re-attach.  Easy quilt project, but very rewarding!  This quilt won “Viewer’s Choice” in the Gold Bug Quilter’s Show about 2 months ago:



That’s all from frosty California!  Yes, it is cold here and we even received snow in the Foothills.   Hugs, Carla