Carla’s Bedside Organizer Tutorial

My latest free tutorial, a handy bedside organizer, is both  functional and attractive.  I designed this to hold my glasses, my ipad,  phone, TV remote, water  and/or other items that I need close at hand.  Here is my bedside organizer, hanging in place on the side of my bed:

To help you visualize this project, here is a sketch:

For this project, I simply dug in my stash until I found some old flannel, about 3/4-1 yard.  Then I needed a matching smaller piece of fabric (12″x16″) to use as the front pockets.  As an option, you could also substitute quilted fabric in place of the flannel.

Besides the 2 fabrics, you need thread, your sewing machine, rotary mat, cutter and ruler.  Here are the supply list sized to be printed out for your convenience:

Directions are pretty straightforward.  Again, I wrote the directions and sized it to be printed out:

This is a fast project, I made it in less than an hour.  I actually love that it is now hanging on the side of my bed and allows me extra space to store my books, nick-knacks, etc.  Here is a picture I took just before I tucked it between my mattress ad box spring:

As always, if you make one using my free tutorial, please send me a comment or picture.  Happy New Year!!  Carla