Vacation Treasures

I can’t resist bringing home treasures from my beach scavenging.  I plan to incorporate some of this into my jewelry.

Here are some of my beach finds:

Notice that large frosty beach glass in front?  That was my favorite find:

Next up, some limpet shells:

Here are my favorite shells… some of these are as wide as my pinky fingernail, very teeny tiny:

Then some black and white finds:

and here are a variety of shells.  Most of these have holes so I can string them:

One last picture to share.  Notice the sea urchins shells.  These were my favorite as it meant one less sea urchin to step on:

That is my collection from this trip.  I now need some new containers to showcase them in.  That means a trip to the container store now.

Any other collectors out there?  Hugs, Carla

Beachcombing and WIP

I promised Karen to share some of my beachcombing finds.  I find it to be very relaxing to walk along the beach and search out anything of interest.  Here are some groups I found during my recent trip to Kauai:

Beach Glass…. I organized them into light and dark beach glass:


and a close up:


and light beach glass:


close up:


I also found some lovely beach pottery that had been transformed by the ocean:


and a close up image:


Then, on a black sand beach on the south side of the island, I discovered these lovely kukui nuts just waiting to be picked up:


I love to also collect shells:


and yet another close up:


some sand from Glass Beach for my collection:



WIP:  Been working on some jewelry for my metal arts class, quilting Lori’s quilt for her daughter Cara, and also working on yet another freeform crochet scarf for myself.  I bought most of the yarn in a little yarn shop in Hanalei, so I’m making it to remind me of the island:


Yarn Therapy

Nothing like a trip to my favorite yarn shop to make a girl feel better:

and more:


Speaking of yummy yarn, a message to Nancy that her blog prize went in the mail today- sent priority via the US Postal System.

Dreaming of Beach Glass… A LONG standing obsession for me is beach glass, and hunting for beach glass. Let me know if any reader just happens to live on the shore and had oodles of frosty sea glass to share or trade. Will WORK for Sea Glass!!!

My DD came by this morning and casually mentioned she was heading for Santa Cruz with friends to swim, search the tide pools, etc with friends. I asked her to bring her dear Mom back some beach glass, and told her that hunting for sea glass is a good thing. I’m crossing my fingers…. Carla