“In the Garden” Finished Quilt

Yes!  I beat my quilt deadline, though Barb might laugh at that since she still has to bind it!  LOL  This quilt belongs to-  and was quilted by me.  Also,  it was lovingly  designed and pieced by Barbara Kiehn of Sacramento, CA.  The focal fabric was designed by Jason Yenter, In the Beginning Fabrics; it is his Floragraphix II line.

A question I often get is how long does a quilt like this take me to do?  I started it on January 19th and finished it on Feb. 1st, 2009.  Actually, after the show, I will reload it and add alot more work to it:  more stitch-in-the-ditch, probably a new design in the medium green areas.

Here are a couple of pictures I took before it gets handed off to Barb:





By the way, I appreciate all your  encouragement provided to me along the way.  I know it probably got boring to see yet another picture of this quilt, but I wanted to document the quilting as it progressed.

Quick shout out to Barb, the designer and piecer.  I’ve talked Barb into coming out with a line of her quilt designs, and I think she is going to do it.  She has a new grand-daughter, born about a week ago, so congratulations are in order!

Another shout out to Pat Campbell. She designed the lovely stencil motif used in the light center of the quilt and it may be purchased through Quilting Creation Intl. Thanks, Pat!

If you live near Sacramento, you may see this quilt on display at the Folsom Quilt Show from February 6-8, 2009.

Onto the next quilt now….

Regards, Carla

Barb Sneak Peek

I’ve been bad!  I’m not supposed to quilt due to an injured right elbow, but I just can’t leave town with Barb’s quilt unfinished.  I’m about 80% finished, so here is a sneak peek:


You can’t see them, but I also have some egyptian motifs scattered throughout this quilt.  So far, so good!!

Had a great visit with my sister, Yvette and her husband, Dave, aka  Captain Dave.  One day, we went over to visit Jack and kids, then out to eat at a Brew Pub, there was a great photo op I couldn’t resist:


Jack’s father and grandfather were both college frat boys, so who knows what is in store for him??  Speaking of Jack, guess who is starting to walk??  His first birthday is later this month, so it is exciting to see no delays, development wise!!

I’m getting ready to drive to Manhattan Beach to visit Lori of Art & Play blog fame.  We’ve been friends just shy of 20 years!!  I will have LOTS to show while I am there, as it will be a solid week of creative art!!

Dad update: He was finally discharged from the hospital and is on the mend.  Thanks you for your good thoughts and prayers!!

Happy New Year!!  Hugs, Carla

Guild Show Opening

My local guild, the Gold Bug Quilters, is having their once-every-two-year quilt show.  I entered 2 of my own quilts, plus this one I quilted and is owned by my friend, Barb.  It is called , “Sunrise, Sunset” and you may see the front of the quilt here and here on my Flickr page.

The following pictures are of the back of the quilt, which showed up nicely in the light as I was sewing on the show label this morning:

and some detail quilting:

and one more picture:

All of the quilt is freehand, except for a portion of a lovely flower stencil by Pat Campbell you can find here.  I love that flower and can now do it from memory.

Friday night, I’m treating Barb to dinner and the quilt preview show!  I’m glad she can come with me.  Barb is a talented quilt piecer and designer, we have collaborated on many quilts together- and some in the future!

This show is non judged, by the way.  I’m not sure how many quilts that I’ve worked on will be in this particular show, my guesstimate is a dozen or so.  I will take pictures of all the quilts on display that I like and share them with you.  Regards, Carla