Latest Banner

OK, here’s the second banner for my blog site:

I incorporated your feedback (thanks for it, btw).  Still I’m not 100% happy yet… need to redraw the chicken again, he looks a bit sad with the facial expression.  I’ll also change out the blue quilting lines… think I’ll add a chicken feather motif there.  Last… I need to find a new font.  The one in the above pic is just OK… I want just the right “feel,” plus I need it to be very readable.

Let’s just say it is evolving…LOL!!

I love your feedback, so bring it on again!  Where else can you help design a blog banner??

In case you are curious, I draw and color using photoshop.  Why photoshop?  Because that is the program I learned to use about 5 years ago when I took Digital Imaging courses in college. On of these days I want to take an illustrator class, until then… photoshop it is!

Today I had fun taking the class with Deb and Kris, the Pixeladies.  They are wonderful teachers and I just adore both of them.  They are also co-chairs and very active in the local Studio Art Quilt Association (SAQA).  Today we talked about doing some more collaborative work… can’t wait!

Regards, Carla