More Jack

Yesterday we had a full house!  Grandma, aka MIL, came for a visit, then Jack and parents also came for a yummy dinner starring Joe’s smoked ribs.

Here are 2 photos of Jack:


Jack Playing


Here is Jack laughing and clapping his hands.  He also loves to throw his head back and laugh, too.  Pretty funny!

On the quilt front, I loaded and started the next quilt.  I will show you snippets, but probably not the whole quilt since I may send this to various shows.

Hugs, Carla

Jack at 6 Months

Once a month, I try to remember to load some pictures of Jack to show off to relatives and friends. He is now officially 6 months and his personality shows through on this first picture:

I took the above picture during a game of raspberries- it is obvious he won! LOL Here are 3 others I took on Sunday during a visit:

The highlight of the visit was when Jack held his arms out to me and lunged forward! My heart melted on the spot!! He brings so much joy to Joe and I!

I’ll share the finished applique quilt tomorrow and also the next quilt I’m doing for a friend. Tonight is the monthly quilt guild meeting, so I also need to get my quilt show entries in order to turn in.

Hugs, from Carla

My Lucky Day!!

It doesn’t get any better than this!! First off, I received a wonderful mailing from Vicki Welsh over at Field Trips in Fiber, and so I happily open it. She makes the most wonderful soap and so I am the lucky recipient of Hemp Soap, Jojoba mango, and Shea Butter soaps!! Best yet, they come wrapped in a lovely handdyed artsy goodness! Thank you, Vicki!!

I went to post a picture, but I’m afraid my Scandisk card reader crashed, so I will buy a new one tomorrow. I’m afraid I’ve dropped it one time too many.

Also in the mail was a “thank you” card from Virginia, a lovely piecer.  I had corrected an “oops” by her machine quilter located far, far away, and she was expressing her thanks by a gift certificate from a local quilt store.  Thanks, Virginia!

Next, I stop by my friend, Barb’s house to pick up a quilt top. Barb, the best piecer I know, agreed to design and piece a quilt top for me- we are working on some collaboration projects. This quilt top is AMAZING!!! Lots of wonderful places for me to quilt some lovely motifs! I will quilt this quilt when i get back! Plus, Barb threw in some quilting books, and another quilt top, too!! (Thank you, Barb, if you are reading this! You rock!)

Spent the afternoon with Jack (and his parents), he is getting to be pretty mobile already. He is so cute, engaging and best of all, he saved up his explosion for his dad this time. LOL!! Pictures will follow. Of Jack…. not the explosion.

After visiting Jack, we came home and I decided to check my email. Lisa Kingsley, over at Pincushion Points blog, emailed me to let me know I won her blog contest!! Am I lucky or what?? Shall I now play the lottery?

Regards, Carla

Mother’s Day Present

The best Mother’s Day present today was seeing Jack!! Here are some current Jack pictures for all my relatives and friends:

and here’s my Mother’s Day card from Jack (with a little help from his mother):

Anyhow, thanks to Stephen and Aimee for making my day by bringing Jack by for a visit!

Hope your day was special, too!  Regards, Carla

Let’s Catch up!

Time to catch up with all the goings on here on the ranch.  First up is the ever present, “Woody-Gate.”  In case you are curious about the history of this gate, see here .  My favorite Redneck Contractor, Woody, is taking his sweet time in finishing this gate.  That’s OK when Life is on “Woody-Time.”  LOL!

We saw him and the stone mason crew for a few days, then they have disappeared once again.  Here is the progress made:

Not sure when we will see him again, he called yesterday to say that the rock facing and stone cap were now on order, also that we need to cut a check.  I already have my lights for the gate pillars, they will go on top of that stone square shape above.

My own Power Plant!!   The solar is finally in, connected to the grid and turned on!!  Here is a picture of the solar panels on my roof:

Next up is the animal life here on the ranch.  These guys come by my back door about 3 or 4 times per day.

It wouldn’t be life on the ranch without the cows.  Being springtime, there have been lots of new baby cows including this pair:

And, while the “aaaaahhhh” factor is high, here is another visitor to the ranch this last Sunday:


For frequent blog readers,  that is baby Jack above, now 11 weeks old.  He continues to be cute as always!

Enjoy your day!!  Hugs, Carla

Welcome to Jack!


My heart is bursting with love!!!  Jackson Ryan D. was born last night, January 21, 2008, at 6:27 pm weighing in at 8 lbs 11 oz!  My DDIL and new grandson are both in excellent health, and everything went very well.

I got to see Jack pretty soon after the delivery and then hold him when he was 2 hours old!  I looked into his face and my heart melted with love for him!  Oh my god, the emotions that you feel… it is a wonderful experience!

I am so proud of both Aimee and Stephen!  Aimee did such a wonderful job, she is always sweet and cheerful, we know she will be a wonderful mother.  Stephen was very supportive and funny, he kept everyone entertained in that way only Stephen can.  What a treat to live close enough to share in this joy!

Jack is named after Stonewall Jackson, who ironically was born yesterday in 1824, and baseball great, Nolan Ryan.  Can you tell my son loves both history and baseball?

Life is good….