10 Things To Do When You’re Bored

What to do when you have some free time and/or you are bored?  Check out the following 10 sites:

1. Obamiconme – Make fun posters of yourself or others:

2. Falling Sand– fun site to play with sand.  There is more to this site than you initially think.

3. Be Funky– photo editing special effects.  Here is how it works.  You upload a photo.  For this example I uploaded a picture of Oscar:

And here are some altered photos:

4. Tweeting Too Hard– Where self-important tweets get the recognition they deserve.  Here is a sample tweet by a young woman/princess:

“OMG i was saying how i couldn’t afford the gas to fly daddy’s jet to the riviera this summer, and this barista totally rolled her eyes at me!”

5. Free Rice.com– play a vocabulary game and for every correct answer, you  earn rice for the poor.

6. Winterbells– cute bunny game.  Reminds me of Doodle jump with bunnies and bells.

7. Throw Paper–  I actually have this game as an app.  Here it is free.

8. You Tube– Watching videos on You Tube is a big Time Waster.  Here is one reason why:

9. The T.W.I.N.K.I.E Project– Take some bored college kids, a box of twinkies, and viola! Time to experiment.

And, finally- a classic favorite:

10. Redneck Neighbor- Read this classic humorous site written about a redneck neighbor.  Funny!

Have fun!  Carla


Today, my new 3G ipad arrives!  I received a message and tracking number from Apple saying it shipped.  I decided to wait until the 3G model arrived to get one, actually, Joe bought it for me as my Mother’s Day gift since he knew I wanted the 3G  feature.

My iphone has  3G  and I love it, too.  No waiting for wifi, I can get my emails, surf the web,  and download Apps, books, music and movies anytime.

Thanks to all the lovely readers who said they wanted tickets to the Guild quilt I quilted.  I hope to get my emails written tonight.  You all are awesome!!

That’s all from the Ranch!!  Oh yes, I almost forgot… Joe found a turkey egg on the driveway.  Why the turkey would lay it there is anyone’s guess.  I took pictures then hid it in the tall grass.  The egg is very interesting, larger than a chicken (as you would expect).  Vicki Welsh would love it since she has her bird cameras.

Crop Circle Mystery Solved!

Before I explain and show pics about my mystery crop circles, here’s an ant doodle I did while watching the Project Runway finale last night:

My favorite ant is this one:

Actually, I don’t often sit around drawing ants,  I was drawing a page of picnic theme quilting designs.   Once though, in the 1990’s, I designed a ant theme cover for a magazine- and in my ant world, I drew a People Farm sitting on the shelf.  After it was published, a rubber stamp company owner called and asked to turn the whole page into rubber stamps.  LOL  Somewhere in my garage are a bunch of ant stamps, people farm, and other stamps I designed over the years including my godzilla design.

Now onto the “Crop Circle” mystery:  I was out admiring the spring flowers, then noticed a bunch of places where it looked like mini crop circles.  I took a walk and noticed them randomly here and there.  It was hard to capture them adequately, but here goes:

Pretty odd, I admit.  I dismissed the alien theory, but spent a few days trying to understand how they came about?

The answer came to me as I noticed a big old Tom Turkey, obviously on the prowl for a little turkey action.  He puffed his feathers out in a handsome display sure to catch the ladies eye.  Heck, even I found him to be attractive- in a turkey dinner kind of way!

I tried to get a better picture, but you will have to ignore Joe’s smoker in the foreground and my patio chair.  Yes, that is a rock on the smoker… not sure why:

A wonderful display of turkey maleness!  Tom’s gobbles and display were effective, because 3 ladies came to check him out:

Finally, the mystery of the crop circles are explained:

Hmmm…   buy the sheer number of these circles around the place, I would say there should be lots of babies in the late spring.  LOL  Life on the ranch….

Enjoy your day!  Hugs, Carla

Shopping Time!!

Ok, it it that time of the year, when I start shopping for Christmas.  I have been shopping online ever since the early days of amazon.com, back when their shipping was fast.  Now their shipping service leaves much to be desired, so I have to look elsewhere to get my presents now.

It is hard to buy for family members when they do not give you a list.  (Note to kids…. send list NOW, otherwise, you might get coals in your stocking!  Mom is NOT kidding!)

Last year, it was easy, my husband wanted a Rodex 4000 or some named device that he LOVES to use to exterminate gophers.  I did make a video of him using this device, it is pretty funny to watch.  Let’s just say that a loud explosion is involved, with dirt flying everywhere.  Since we live in the country, a really loud explosion just sounds like some redneck getting drunk and fooling around.  If you did this in the city, there would be 5 police cars, several firetrucks, the bomb squad, and you would get sued by your neighbor.

So how can I possibly top a Rodex 4000 this year?

Ideas, anyone?   Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,  and Peace on Earth to everyone!  Carla

Quilting again…

It is good to be quilting again.  I am working on a quilt for my friend, Barb, and also designing a new project for ArtBeads.com.  I admit to having withdrawals from my lovely sailing vacation, too.  It is so tempting to schedule another trip again, I miss the warm sun, sailing with the wind in my hair.

Back to the real world again.  I did miss my home when I was gone though.  Top of the list was missing my lovely super jacuzzi and endless hot water.   I missed the comfort of looking out the window and seeing cows, wild turkeys and oak trees.  Can’t forget my trusty  insta-hot, which gives me boiling hot water any time of the day.  Sometimes, it is the small joys in life that you miss when you are away.

I would love to hear your list of small joys in your life, too.

Clean Studio

I was dared to show the “before” picture of my messy studio, so here it is:

messy studio

Can you say, “piles?”   LOL  It was cluttered, dusty, and needed some thorough organization work!

Here is the after pictures:

cleanstudio overall

I love the colors in this next picture.  The 2 small paintings are by Terri Stegmiller, mixed media artist.  I love to collect small work by other artists:


clean studio 1

Check out my behind the door storage for lots of odds and ends:

behind the door storage copy

My desk:


And part of one wall showing my silly sock creature, some paintings, and a print by the oh, so talented Geninne:


There you have it!  The studio is clean now, but I still need to put up a few more organization items on the walls for magazines, stencils, etc.

Working On New Classes

I have been rather quiet of late- mainly because I am diligently working on the online version of my Quilt Whisperer class to be taught this fall.  There will be lots of visuals, plus some video footage, too.  I am also working on 3 other new classes- all machine quilting focused, to be taught next year.


I have been asked to prepare a guild presentation, too.  I’m thinking of talking about machine quilting and how I approach quilting design.  I will also use some of my cartoons to illustrate what NOT to do, or discuss some various aspects of the piecer/quilter relationship.  Of course, I will bring lots of quilts, too, for show and tell.  Part trunk show, part informative.

I still remember the very first time I taught students- and how nervous I was at speaking to a group.  That was way back in 1994, during my rubberstamp, paper art days.  Just like giving a speech, I practiced so I would build my confidence.  I survived that first class and was very happy to see almost all of the students sign up for future classes, too.

Nowadays, I teach various quilt or fiber art subjects at my local quilt store and some private group or individual classes upon request.  The best part of teaching is meeting the students and getting to know them.

So that is what I am up to.  This morning, I am taking time to get “beautified” by my hair clinician.  I think this time I want to go shorter and a bit blonder.  I am always accused of being a blonde, so why not wear it well?  LOL

Then, I am having family arrive today, my dear mother-in-law, Ramona.  (a quick hello to her church group and friends, who I am told read my blog!)  I am getting my guest room ready, washing the sheets so that they smell nice and fluffy!  We all know that the windows are washed…. LOL  Actually, someone asked if I washed them because my MIL was coming.  The answer is no, Ramona is easy going about stuff like that, I cleaned them because it disturbed my home artistic harmony!!  Really.  I get in cleaning moods.

The weekend is planned…. a nice drive tomorrow to see some sites, lunch somewhere, then a repeat of Joe’s Caribbean night of food.  Sunday we will spend quality time with Baby Jack- who is now a toddler, but still- oh so cute!


I took this picture about a week ago- the last time I watched him.  I am feeding him dried cranberries in case you are curious.  LOL

Off and running!!!  What do you have planned??  Hugs, Carla

Super Bowl and Groundhogs

Count me among those who watch the Super Bowl only to see the half time show and watch the commercials.

I have to say, being a longtime Bruce fan, that I LOVED his halftime show!  It was filled with lots of “Bruceisms” including the slip & slide across the stage, swinging the guitar around, jumping off the piano, his duo moments with both Clarence and Stevie Van Zant, and more!  Classic Bruce condensed into 12 minutes… what could be better?

The commercials this year were not as strong.  I felt the horse ads were recycled- it felt like I had seen them before.  I like the idea of 3-D  commercials, sponsored by Intel (DH employer), but it wasn’t clear how you were supposed to get the 3-D glasses?  They were not handing them out at Intel plants either.  Go figure.  Anyhow, it left me wishing I could get the full effect of the ad.

The Conan O’Brien ad was funny, other than that, no other commercials stand out.  Do you watch the Super Bowl like me only for the ads and show?  If so, what were your favorite ads?


Happy Groundhog Day!!!  Many years ago, I gave birth to my daughter on Groundhog Day, so I always remember this holiday.  I still fondly remember that one year when she was in 3rd grade and I threw a groundhog themed party.  It was fun!  The girls created wearable groundhog ears, we played pin the shadow on the groundhog, I made a groundhog cake, you get the general idea.

So here’s to celebrating the day and groundhogs everywhere!  The Rodex 4000 is not allowed out to play today either.   LOL!!

Hugs, Carla

Anniversary Dirt

It is not every day that 20 yards of lovely anniversary dirt get delivered.  20 yards of topsoil = a huge truck and trailer:

Load #1:


and Load #2:


The truck is HUGE, so it makes the pile of dirt seem small.   Actually, they are almost as tall as I!  Now my DH can have fun on the tractor and spread it around in the back of the house.  We are getting ready to put in a sprinkler system, some grass sod and flower beds to pretty things up. Of course, this is a DIY project.

It is a lovely fall sunny day here in the Northern California foothills.  Simply beautiful!

Rancher Ed’s cow herd is multiplying!  The little calves are so blasted cute!  Living on the ranch, it is fun to watch bovine behavior.  They do interesting things that I never knew.  For instance,  did you know that mom cows give birth away from the herd?  They like to be solitary.  Then they hide their new calf in the tall weeds and go eat some grass.  They keep one eye on where they have hidden their baby, too.  It is not a good idea to get between the Mama cow and her baby.

Another interesting things that Mom cows do… they have their own babysitting co-op!  All the moms park their baby with the babysitter, then they go off to eat grass.  Ive seen as many as 5 babies with a babysitter.

The herd also have a daily pattern.  In the morning, they hang out at the barn.  As a group, they then visit different parts of the ranch at the same time each day.  At night, they like to come up to my house for a visit.

Enough of cows…  enjoy your day wherever you are at!