Peyote Bracelet Tutorial “Undulations”

Here is another free tutorial for you- a peyote stitch bracelet that I call “Undulations.”  Here is what this project looks like:

In this next bracelet, I wanted to experiment with beads and color to make this  peyote stitch bracelet with an antique button closure:

Here is another view:

This bracelet allowed me the opportunity to work with a wonderful variety of red beads from   First, my inspiration for the color palette was this beautiful copper enamel pendant:

I will use the lovely heart pendant on a future project, but it worked really well as my color inspiration here.

In case you are not a beader, I used an off-loom bead weaving stitch called peyote.    Here is how you do this stitch:

Peyote Bracelet Tutorial:

You will need basic beading supplies: beading needles size 10 & 12, fireline, beading tray, scissors, and of course, BEADS!

Bead Supplies: To get the delightful wavy appearance, it is all about the bead selection and bead sizes. The color and type of bead will either make or break your bracelet.

I started with 8 beads in the first row, then using the peyote stitch, I finished the second row.  Changing beads every two rows, graduating the bead size up, then down, then up again.  Doing this will give you the great wavy look to the bracelet.

I started with a small seed bead from, size 15 Delica, in a color called Berry:

and then this bead, delica seed bead size 15:

Next is size 11 Miyuki seed beads:

The next row is this lovely matte bead from

The next 2 rows of beads were a metallic shiny bead from my bead stash, but here is a bead that looks close:

Next is a size 8/0 seed bead:

The next bead is a size 6 matte red  from my bead stash.  This bead would work instead:

the center bead is a silver lined red bead:

Collect all the beads, and be sure to size them from smallest to largest.  I start and end with the smallest size delica seed bead.  Use the Peyote Stitch diagram to learn how to bead the peyote stitch.

By Carla Barrett peyote bracelet schematic

By Carla Barrett peyote bracelet schematic


I start with 8 beads in the first row, as mentioned earlier, then peyote stitch back for the second row.  Switch to the next bead and stitch 2 rows.  Keep repeating with each bead until you get to the largest bead.  Bead 2 rows, then start decreasing the size of the beads until you get to the smallest size bead and then just repeat the process.


Closure:   On one side, I sewed on an antique button that matched.  The closure on the opposite side was made by doing a 2 bead peyote row and make it long enough to slide around the button.  Then I finished it off by attaching to the opposite side:

By the way, here is another bracelet-in-progress in a different colorway, followed by a necklace I made to match a jacket I own:


I would love to see your bracelet if you make one from this tutorial.  Also, leave a comment if you have a question about the tutorial.  The tutorial assumes basic peyote stitch know-how or the ability to learn it.

Regards, Carla

PS:  I’ve added this seed bead chart borrowed from Shipwreck Bead website:

Seed Bead Size Image Approximate Length of 15 beads
laid in a row*
15/0 15 beads=apprx. 14mm
14/0 15 beads=apprx. 15mm
13/0 15 beads=apprx. 16mm
12/0 15 beads=apprx. 17mm
11/0 15 beads=apprx. 19mm
10/0 15 beads=apprx. 25mm
9/0 15 beads=apprx. 27mm
8/0 15 beads=apprx. 33mm
6/0 15 beads=apprx. 43mm
4/0 15 beads=apprx. 58mm

Feathered Fibers on the Web

I thought I would share some sites which posted something about my blog, my work, or had something nice to say.

First up is Dorothy Miller’s blog, where she has a post titled, “Taxes, yuck! Carla Barrett, YEAH!!!”  I am so glad I ranked higher than taxes, whew! that is a relief!  Anyway, Dorothy drove many hours to attend one of my classes in Northern CA, and she talks about her experience prior to class.

Dorothy’s next post after taking my class is titled, “Carla Barrett”s Quilt Whisperer Class.”  She talks about her experience both in and after class.   I invited her home with me to show her some tricks in person.  I warned her my studio was a mess, but she didn’t mind and even took a picture of what my studio looks like after I finish a big product.  LOL

Next Feathered Fibers mention is on Barbara Chainey’s blog.  Barbara blogs about the post I recently wrote about her stencils and work.  While you are there, be sure to check out the stunning corded and quilted quilt she shares…  inspiring!

Vicki Welsh mentions my recently finished guild quilt on her blog, Field Trips in Fiber. Vicki compiles all the interesting items she comes across on her internet blog feeders into a weekly column called “Field Tripping the Web.”  As an FYI, Vicki also makes and sells some wonderful soap, which I use all the time.

Cold Feet Quilter, Deb H., mentions one of my many tricks for working with wonky quilts on her blog.  Deb, I hope you found it useful!  In case you were wondering, Deb lives in Alaska and also does fiber art.

Judy, from the Apron Strings blog,  took up one of my challenges and converted thrift store sweaters into useful, decorative items!  Here, she made her husband felted wool slippers and a camera case.  In this post, she made a cute Tea Cozy.  Kudos, too, for Judy’s wonderful tutorial on how to make felted wool mittens.  Terrific job, Judy!!

Talented Machine Quilting Teacher, Kim S., mentions on her blog both my Quilt Whisperer Class and my Quilt Whisperer Yahoo Group.  Thanks, Kim!!  By the way, if you want to talk about quilting design and life, you are invited to join my Yahoo Group.  The link is above.

Craft Detective shares my free Copper Bookmark Tutorial and even shows a great picture that looks based on my Tutorial.  Great job!:

Timber Hill Thread’s Angie has lots of visuals on her post where she mentions dusting off her bamboo tablet and practicing what she learned in my Quilt Whisperer Class.  She even shows off a QW example I did for her in class.

Emma from Sampaquita Quilts in Australia says that I inspired her gorgeous feathery design.  Thanks, Emma, you did a fabulous job.  Be sure you look at her quilts while you are visiting her site.  Good stuff!!


Thanks for all the links!!  Hopefully, this helps to share the love back at some recent sites linking to me!!   If anyone blogs about me, my work, or my blog, please drop me a message so I can return the favor.

Regards, Carla

Thrift Store Finds

I visited my local thrift store this week, and found a couple of finds in the clothing department.  Since I am down a couple of sizes, I wanted to pick up a few items without breaking the bank.

I found this lovely top by SweetPea, a brand carried at Nordstroms, which looks very flattering on:

It looks terrific with jeans, too.  The next top I found was from the Serenade brand:

Again, this is very flattering on- even better since it only  cost me $1.50 each due to a half off sale.  LOL

I also found a book for my DH by a favorite author; and also a retro pyrex dish.  All in all, a good day!

I love hunting for items at the thrift store!  I guess it is the recycle/reuse philosophy I have, or perhaps the thrill of the hunt?   Any others who feel the same way as me?  I know you are out there!  LOL

By the way, the thrift store is also a perfect place for craft supplies.  One of my favorite projects I did involved buying a couple of those long “teacher” dresses that were in style about 15 years ago  and cut them into strips of fabric.  I then crocheted them into a large bag or purse.  Of course, I have a tutorial for that here.  You could also wrap the fabric around cording and make a fabric bowl for your home or perhaps a rag rug.  The ideas are endless!!

Enjoy your day!!  Carla

Recycled Sweater Challenge… still ongoing!

In December, I issued a recycled/reuse  sweater or quilt challenge:

For anyone who wants to participate, the details are in this post.  So far, several people have taken up the challenge, and have linked back to this blog.  I will be sharing more of the work in the future, but this week’s Challenge focus in on Judy, of the Apron Strings and Other Ties that Bind blog.

Judy, not only accepted the challenge, but she took it one step further.  She has written a tutorial for how you make mittens by using Thrift Store sweaters.  Here is a sneak peek of her wonderful mittens-in progress:

Be sure to check it her site out as Judy has done a very nice job at showing you each step in the process and yet how to save money by taking something old and outdated and turning them into a lovely, functional mittens with a bit of effort.

This next week, I will make the rounds of my local thrift stores and I will share my finds with you.  On my last visit, I found a name brand top, sized small, sold at Macy’s that I love and has become a lovely piece of my new skinnier wardrobe:

I have been dieting since the end of November, lost 20 lbs and so I need to hunt for interim clothes while I go down a few more dress sizes.  I am excited to report that I now fit into a size 10 now… woo-hoo!

Once I get down a bit more, I will go have my quilting portrait made to use  on my new website in progress and for my avatar.   I tend to be a bit shy with pictures, so I want to get over it. LOL

Ok, that’s my Recycle/Reuse report for the day.  Go forth and visit your thrift stores, and I hope you get inspired to enter this ongoing challenge!  Regards, Carla

Selvage Quilt

I am currently quilting a selvage quilt I pieced and put together awhile ago in this post.  It is now half done and I will show you tomorrow how I am quilting it.  I freely admit to picking comfortable quiltingdesigns so that I finish it fast.  I need to finish it, bind it, and get it to the quilt store to be a class sample.

Of course, I need another class sample, so I started a new quilt.  I am making a red zinger- a cool quilt pattern I first learned about from Karen Griska, who has written a wonderful book about selvage quilts titled, “Quilts From the Selvage Edge.”  On her blog is a great tutorial for creating the red zinger selvage quilt- which looks like this:

(Photo by Karen Griska.  Visit her Blog at the link above.)

I will take a picture of  how far along I am on my red zinger tomorrow.  It will look different from the quilt, above, when I am done.

That’s all from today!  Happy Quilting!

Thrift Store Shopping

OK, I just can’t help myself, I just have to go hunting to find just the perfect old sweater to use in my challenge.  In case you missed it, here is the link to my challenge:

I will be looking for a variety of items, but my main goal is to find sweaters to felt, and sweaters to unravel.  I will report back and let you know how I did and whether my hunt was successful.

To change topics, I met with my local quilt store (LQS) yesterday and scheduled 5 classes I will be teaching in Feb-April, 2010.  3 are project classes and 2 are design theory classes.  If you live in Northern California, check out my classes at High Sierra Quilters.  They should be up on their website soon.  If you visit their site, notice the quilt on the main page.  That is a quilt I quilted about 5 years ago, and was auctioned off for $5,000.00.  It is now hanging in a private installation.

While I was there I purchased some lovely batik fabric to strip and make into a LARGE crochet bag for myself.  Most of my fabric crochet creations have been medium sized to small.  This one will be larger, so wish me luck on figuring out the pattern as I wing it.  Oh yes, I do have a free fabric crochet tutorial for you to see.

Now I’m off to create something, anything.

Recycle/Reuse & Other Crafty Tutorials

I went web surfing this morning and found some really interesting and cool tutorials to share with you.  I have organized them into various craft areas below.

Fabric Jewelry

Stiffened Fabric Jewelry by Sister Diane

Stiffened Fabric Jewelry Tutorial by Sister Diane is found on the CraftyPod blog.  Lovely fabric jewelry, I plan to make some soon.


Artist Kate Cusack’s Zippered Flower

Zipper Flower Tutorial on Craftster by Eli-chan.   Also see artist Kate Cusack and how she uses zippers in her amazing work, too.


Louis Vuitton Knock off Fabric Bead Necklace by Froo*gal

Louis Vuitton “knock off” Fabric Bead Necklace Tutorial by Froo*gal- Great tutorial!

and here is another one:

Fabric Beads Necklace Tutorial– Julie Hardee  on the Martha Stewart site.  See the video, too.


Terrific Necklace by Mixi

Fabric squares Necklace Tutorial by Mixi- Another great Craftster tutorial.  I really love this website.


Mixed Media Projects:

by Diane Gilleland

Soda Can Flower Brooch Tutorial-by Diane Gilleland on the Craft Stylish Blog.  Quench your thirst and be stylish- all in one wonderful tutorial!


Stacked Button Necklace and Photo by Kayte Terry

Stacked Button Necklace Tutorial by Kayte Terry.  This tutorial makes me want to pull out my button collection and play!


Recycle/Reuse Jewelry Tutorial- How to make Shrinky Dink jewelry out of  recycling #6 Plastic.


Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial by ihow.  (note by Carla- the website is no longer up and operating.  Google “scrabble tile tutorial” for more information.)


That’s my list for today.  I do think that the lovely crafts above should get you plenty of ideas for being creative in 2010!  Hugs, Carla

Chunky Quilted Squares

I was messaging back and forth with Harriet, who I met by chance earlier this year when a boat I was on passed her sailboat while motoring in the Intercoastal Waterway.  We both blogged about the chance encounter and my post is here.  Harriet is getting ready to sail down to the Bahamas in a day or so.

Anyway, Harriet asked if I knew of any quilt projects where you don’t need a sewing machine since space is limited on a sailboat.  I remembered this fun project I learned from the talented Teesha Moore while at her fiber art retreat a few years ago.

quilted squares

For lack of a better word, I call this project, “Chunky Quilted Squares.”  You make a series of quilted squares, then put them together to make a quilt, a purse, a wall hanging, coasters, table runner, the ideas are endless.

The basic, simple directions are below, and I sized it to letter size so you may easily print it out.

chunky quilted squares

Happy Creating!!  As with all my Free Tutorials, please credit me if you use one , or link to a free tutorial on your site.  I would also love to see what you create, so send me pics!

Have fun!  Carla

Feathered Fibers Friday Freebie

Good Day!  Try saying the title fast in a row five times!   LOL   For all you new quilters out there, here is a very simple sashing or border idea that is very simple to quilt, but packs a delightful textured look to your quilt.

If you are new to feathers, I do have a Free Feather Tutorial.  I recommend you practice, practice, practice (PPP) using a white board or a sketch book until your confidence rises.

simple feather sashing or border

I would love to see your finished result if you use this on your quilting project!  Enjoy your day!  Hugs, Carla

Use the Muse 2 update

Remember I signed up for a challenge called “Use the Muse 2?”  I’ve been working like crazy since the deadline is next Saturday.   Basically, the challenge works like this:  You enter by purchasing the packet of beads- along with the “Muse” piece.  You then use the muse to plan and create your jewelry or accessories.

I cannot reveal my muse until later, but I can tell you what I am doing.  I have decided I need a new small bag – think jewelry accessory in a certain color to match the muse.  It is both decorative and functional.  I also decided to use my own free tutorials to create my item.

So I started with some cool fabric that looks like this:

muse fabris copy

I cut it into strips,

fabric strips

then crocheted the strips together to make a purse (Fabric Crochet Purse Tutorial).  Here is the base:

crochet asscc

I next quilted some fabric freehand style :

quilted fabric

Now I am finishing it off, then plan to add some freeform beading (Freeform Peyote Beading Tutorial)  to  the front, using the muse as my inspiration.

freeform bead1

Right now, I have just begun the beading part of the project, but i will show you it as soon as I finish.    Hmmm… think I will make my deadline??

Hugs, Carla