Fabric Scrap Tutorials

I decided to search the web to find fun and interesting projects or tutorials to do with fabric scraps, strips or leftover fabric from other projects including this fun one called Bunny Bowling by thelongthread.  Bowling with Bunnies?  What a fun idea!

Misc. Fabric Items Tutorials:

Inchie Tutorial by Feathered Fibers

Fabric Chain by Moda

Microwave Potato Bag by Feathered Fibers

Blossom Pincushion by Running with Scissors

Selvage Quilt Tutorial

Garden Fabric Crafts Tutorials:

Fabric Flowers Tutorial by Simply Vintage

Garden Flower Tutorial from Sewritzytitzy blog.

Fabric Scraps into Jewelry Tutorials:

Puppy Necklace by Hillary Lang

Fabric Flower Brooch by Gonetoearth blog.

Fabric Bead Necklace Tutorial by Froo Gal

Fabric Strip + chain= cool necklace! by Love, Meaghan

Bead & Knot Necklace by See Kate Sew

Fabric Embellishments Tutorials:

Yo-yo Heart by GonetoEarth

Fabric Scraps Wearable Fashion Tutorials:

Fabric Crochet Purse by Feathered Fibers

crochet purse

Rose Petal Tee by Jennifer Causey

Fabric Flower Pin by Amelia Strader

Crazy Bag by mad quilter

Fabric Scrap Applique Belt by BH&G

Fabric Rosette Cuff by see kate sew

Fabric Scraps Toys Tutorials:

Puppy Necklace by Hillary Lang

Fabric Nesting Dolls by madebyjoel

Balloon cover by mad quilter

Babooshka Doll by mad quilter

Bunny Bowling by the longthread

Angry Bird Plush Toy by Obsessively Stitiching

Angry Bird Pig by Obsessively Stitching


I hope you will check out these tutorials if you have some free time on your hands.  One of them is sure to catch your fancy!  Happy New Year!  Carla

Featured Again!

My blog tutorial  for creating a selvage quilt is featured on a site called “Totally Tutorials.” It is a great site, especially since they have such great taste, right?  LOL

This is a great reason to mention I have a whole page of free tutorials, too!!  Check them out!


Persnickety Quilts blog also has some lovely comments about this Carolina Lily quilt I quilted many years ago:

Thanks for your nice praise about this quilt and my quilting!


Lynn at Nebraska Views shares that she learned something by reading my blog!  Thanks, Lynn, I do love getting credit!  LOL  She also mentions and links to my Yahoo group on Quilt Whispering.


Trish at Compulsive Quilting also learned something by reading a particular post.  Find out which one by clicking HERE.

Thank you for posting about my site or work that I have done.  You sometime post and wonder if you are talking to yourself.  LOL   Of course, I soon will be hitting the 750,000 800,000 visitor, when you combine visits from Feathered Fibers with my first blog.  When I get closer, I will be having a free giveaway!!

Hugs, Carla

Feathered Fibers on the Web

Many of my readers know I have a free tutorial page with lots of good stuff there.  I always love it when people use my tutorials and then link back to me.   Or see my work and want to post about it.  Here are some lovely examples of links that talk about my blog or my work:

April, from the Modern Mama blog, used my Fabric Storage Tutorial and I must say, I love how it looks on her bookcase. (Just click the link to check out her picture).  Here is my picture from my studio:

Tipnut site loves my Copper Bookmark Tutorial since they have featured it a couple of times.  Here is what it looks like:

Karen Griska, Selvage Quilting author, has featured some of my selvage projects on her fabulous Selvage blog. In fact, if you look on her right side table and scroll way down, you will see she has grouped all of them under both my name (Carla Barrett) and this site (Feathered Fibers).  Thanks, Karen!  Of course, I do have a mini Selvage Tutorial, too.

The talented Vicki Welsh has a fabulous blog feature called “Field Tripping The Web,” where she compiles all the highlights from other blogs, and websites that week. Vicki also has an etsy site, where she sells a variety of wonderful items including her stunning dyed fabrics.  I have several bars of her soap, and I highly recommend them.  They are especially nice if you sensitive skin, as well.  Anyway, in the current edition, she shares a link to my last batik quilt that I quilted for my friend, Molly seen here:

front side

back side

Last link I will share with you was for a jewelry design that I made inspired by a book on the Something Sublime blog by the talented Deryn Mentock.  This was a copper pendant and I was taking a metal arts class at the time.  This piece was made for the Mary Hetts Jewelry Challenge on Deryn’s blog:

I hope you have enjoyed  clicking on the links to some truly wonderful sites.  Regards, Carla

Guest Blogger on the Quilting Gallery!

Today, Feb 10th, 2010, I am the guest blogger over on the Quilting Gallery Blog!

I decided to share a bit of humor with the Quilting Gallery Readers, so if you are visiting my blog from there, I do hope you will  leave me a comment.  Did you like it, hate it, enjoy the humor and cartoons, or another viewpoint?  My lovely blog readers, It would be wonderful if you would read the post and comment over on the Quilting Gallery site under my post.  Thank you!

Welcome!!  Do remember to bookmark my page if you want to visit again. 🙂

I wanted to share a few recent quilting awards on quilts I have quilted.

Yesterday, I showed you this quilt by Molly (and quilted by me):

Molly dropped me an email to share that a lovely story quilt she made (and I quilted) won a first place ribbon at the River City quilt show, which is the large guild in Sacramento! Congrats, Molly!!    To see a picture of the quilt, wearing the blue ribbon, along with the entry label listing me as the quilter, click HERE.  Molly made the quilt out of a Mary Lou Weidman story class, so the quilt was featured on Mary Lou’s blog.

Also, Barb reported that the baby quilt I did for her, seen here:

and a close up picture:

won a 2nd place in the wall hanging category at her guild show.  Congrats to Barb!!

Notice I used the same border design on both quilts?  I love this design, it starts as a stencil, then I add lots of quilting to it to get the design shown in both pictures.  That is one of my philosophies… use any design, then add your own spin to it.

Last News:  Be sure to catch Karen Griska’s Selvage Blog.  She is featuring my selvage quilt I shared here on the blog not too long ago.  I love Karen’s Blog and the selvage projects she shares.

Happy Quilting from Carla

Quilted Selvage Quilt

Hello, I thought I would show you my selvage quilt that I quickely quilted to use as a class sample for a class I’m teaching.  Here are the pics:

The center of the quilt is above.  As you can see,  this picture shows  a very simple selvage quilt.

You can see the quilting just a bit better…

The picture, above, shows you my freeform quilted border, meaning I just quilted it freeform style to give the border texure.

Here is the top of the quilt with more freeform freehand quilting:

Funny how the mottled black fabric looks light in some lighting and darker in others.  Anyway, for all you selvage fans, I am almost done piecing aother selvage quilt, this time a red zinger from the Queen of Selvages herself, Karen Griska! She has a free tutorial on her blog and of course, I recommend her book on selvage quilting.  More info is found on her fun blog.

Update: Here is my red zinger in progress with 2 different settings:

And here is another block arrangement:

I am making this to be a class sample.  I am now auditioning borders and I am feeling in a polka dot mood.  I am posting two alternatives, which one works the best do you think?

Choice 1:

Choice 2:

Rex Watch Update:  For those of you wondering, there is no new info on Rex, he is still missing.  For more information, see this post.

Selvage Quilt

I am currently quilting a selvage quilt I pieced and put together awhile ago in this post.  It is now half done and I will show you tomorrow how I am quilting it.  I freely admit to picking comfortable quiltingdesigns so that I finish it fast.  I need to finish it, bind it, and get it to the quilt store to be a class sample.

Of course, I need another class sample, so I started a new quilt.  I am making a red zinger- a cool quilt pattern I first learned about from Karen Griska, who has written a wonderful book about selvage quilts titled, “Quilts From the Selvage Edge.”  On her blog is a great tutorial for creating the red zinger selvage quilt- which looks like this:

(Photo by Karen Griska.  Visit her Blog at the link above.)

I will take a picture of  how far along I am on my red zinger tomorrow.  It will look different from the quilt, above, when I am done.

That’s all from today!  Happy Quilting!

Friday WIP!

I am taking a quick break to type this, but today I am bound and determined to finish a baby quilt I have loaded on my machine.  I only have the last border to go until I am finished!

Then, I will load a small selvage quilt of my own and quilt it for a store class sample.  I will probably also take time to start a second sample, too.  I love playing with selvages!!

It feels good to quilt again!!  Love the holidays, but it does get in the way of quilting.   That, plus I was allowing my body to heal up from a epidural steroid injection into my spine.  Lucky me, it worked and I feel great!!

While I am typing this, my wonderful housecleaning expert, Rachel, is working her lovely magic on my house.  I thought it would be weird to have someone come in and clean, but I quickly got used to it.  I was the sort of person who used to clean before the cleaner came, but I also got over that, too.  I think it is because Rachel is so nice and I think of her as a friend- albeit a friend that cleans my home.  LOL

Joe, aka DH gets back from a business trip today, so I can’t wait to see him.  Let’s see…. finished quilt, clean home, and my sweetheart comes home… Add in that he cooks, too, and life can’t get any better, y’know?  Plus we are babysitting Jack again this weekend, so that is always fun!  Less than a month before my new grand-daughter makes her much anticipated arrival, too!

On my “To-Do” list is to start researching another sailboat bareboat trip to the Caribbean.  We have invited a dear friend and her wonderful husband to come along, so I hope it works out that they can go. (Hello to L & L!!) They do not sail, but that is ok, since Joe and I do.

I am also thinking of organizing a special trip in the South Pacific, too.  If that pans out, I will share more later.

That’s all from featheredfibers central!  Enjoy your weekend!  What plans do you have?

Purse WIP

I was visiting my local quilt store looking for some fabric and I fell in love with the humor  in this fabric:

purse in progress copy

It has a retro feel, tongue – cheek humor.   Anyhow, this is the purse I made today, the body anyhow.  The closure part is here:

PURSE cover

Of course, I had to work some selvages into it.   Anyhow, I will finish it later.  I need some handles, so I need to locate my black wooden ones.

That is all from here…. tomorrow I babysit Jack, so I am looking forward to seeing my grandson.  Hugs, Carla

Selvage and Quilted Canvas

Hello to anyone new to my blog today from Karen’s Selvage Blog site!   Karen is showcasing my selvage chicken I made a while ago:


Yesterday, I was working on a new Selvage project.  It is not done, I ran out of wrapped cording, so I need to wrap some more, then stitch it together.  Here is my Selvage work-in-progress:


Today, I am working on a beaded project- a dimensional peyote stitch.  Before I go, I wanted to show you an older project, now quilted.

I painted this huge canvas earlier this year.  This is quilted for texture, and will eventually be made into a purse.  The first image is a close-up with good lighting, the second is a larger image of the canvas.



Selvage Chicken

It is only fitting to post a picture of my selvage chicken:


I like my selvage chicken, it has character.

Speaking of selvages, I received a call today from Doug, the quilt store owner, male quilter, and custom tear drop trailer maker extraordinaire!  Doug does a drop dead Bill Clinton inpersonation and he has a funny sense of humor. So when I answered the phone, he used his Bill Clinton voice to ask for a donation to the Bill Clinton Presidential Library so they could put in “old Spice” cologne and “other” dispenser machines in the library bathrooms.   I could not make this up, I promise you!!    Doug is one funny guy!!

But I digress…. the reason Doug called was to tell me he had saved me a huge TON of selvages!!!  Woo-hoo!!!  Now I can work on my next project.

Life is good!  Hugs, Carla