Selvage Postcard

Years ago, I was given a bag full of selvages from someone who had dyed lots of fabric.  I thought they would made wonderful tulip flowers in a fabric postcard:


See? I loved selvages way back when.


WIP- I’m working on a freeform beaded necklace with a copper enamel focal point.  Keep watching….

Next quilt up is for my quilt guild outgoing president, a pretty little blue and white quilt.  here it is pre-quilted:


First up is to fine tune my purple garden quilt before I send it to the next show:


regards, Carla

Fiber Postcard

Hello, today I thought I would share a fiber postcard WIP that uses the selvages (frayed edges) of dyed fabrics:

I love to use everything… nothing gets thrown away when I dye fabric or use fabric bits.  Anyhow, I still need to finish the postcard today, then sew on some beads, too.

The oak leave quilt is together now- waiting for my table to become free.  I decided to work on yet another Quilt UFO- this one is a black and white log cabin- very neutral background.  The bright colorful pieces  will be later appliquéd on top of the background… perhaps I will also paint some shadows to complete the 3D effect I am trying for.  Here is the background logs getting pieced:

My own piecing style it to take something rather traditional- then put a modern spin to update it and make it more relevant for today.  The above quilt is the second quilt where I use a basic quilt pattern as a background or back drop to what was happening on top.

The first quilt I made using this process was a commission quilt a few years ago with my friend, Molly.  The finished quilt was later entered by Molly into the CA State Fair where it took a First Place and Best of Class.  It now hangs on permanent display at a Sacramento College.

Anyway, enjoy your day!!  Hugs, Carla

PS: Thank you for all the wonderful comments under yesterday’s post and blog contest.  There is still time to enter… hint: look for the post dated 5/5…  LOL!

Next WIP

My next work-in-progress (WIP) is a fiber scarf which is so incredibly easy to make. Actually, my good friend, Lori S-C, showed me how to do this a long, long time ago. It is fun to make, basically you entrap fibers and stitch them together.

Here are two pictures of my progress so far.

laydoenfibersweb.jpg then you keep:


I still need to hunt for a variety of fibers to add before I stitch it all together. I’ll be sure to show you the final project- so keep watching.  The final product will look different than above.  This is a beginner’s project, btw.

Remember the print by Geninne that I purchased from her etsy shop? Well, it arrived!! It looks even more lovely in person, too! Thanks to Geninne for the following cool stuff, including the stamps on the outside of the package from her home in Mexico City:


the poppy print:

geninne-poppy.jpg also the delightful postcard attached:

geninnepostcard.jpg and the backgeninnecard.jpg

Be sure to check out Geninne’s etsy shop for yourself. Lots of treasures there…

Enjoy your Tuesday! Regards, Carla

Sand Collection

I decided last year to start a sand collection just because I liked how they look. Here is part of my collection so far:


It’s a visual reminder of places I’ve visited and good travel memories. I store them in spice jars, and label them so I will remember. What do you collect?

Regards, Carla

Blog Surfing recap..

Today, I was checking up on my favorite blogs and noticed on Tracie Lyn’s blog, titled, The Red Door Studio, that there is a new online publication being published for fiber lovers, quilters, mixed media artists, and crafters called Fibre & Stitch.

I surfed on over, per Tracie’s recommendation, and I am glad I did. I downloaded some free sample instructions to get a feel for the quality of this publication and it exceeded my expectations! Be sure to check out the free instructions for making fabric charms. I will be getting a subscription soon…

Then I stopped by Snickering Licorice website to see what Vancover artist, Deb, is up to. Turns out she went to see the Police reunion concert, something I would like to do. Sting’s son, Joe Sumner and his band, “Fiction Plane,” was the opening act and I had heard his son sounds alot like him. On Deb’s blog is a link to hear him sing and dang! he sounds just like his dad.

Vicki Welsh, over at Field Trips in Fiber, has been fusing and creating like mad. With her permission, look at her cool woven selvage ends-which are inspiring.


She then turned some of her fused sheets into fabric postcards here.

Joe, also known as DH, told me about a very funny website he discovered through an article in The Atlantic Monthly called 419 Eater. There is this guy who loves to out-scam those Nigerian internet scammers. Then he documents and writes about the best ones. Last night I read one or two of these and had a good laugh.

I have known about this one website, called Wee Wonderful, which features cute patterns- and some are for free. My favorite free pattern is the wee bunny one, hmmm… perhaps I will make one today. She even has a wee bunny gallery that is amusing to look at.

That’s all from my blog/website wanderings. I’m currently blogging rather than quilting because I am waiting for some thread to arrive to start the next quilt.

Regards, Carla

Quilted Postcard- in progress

Hello! Today, I decided to make up some quilted postcards. The one below has not yet been embellished, and the fray check is still drying around the edges, but I thought I’d show you this work in progress.

postcard in progress

Moving this blog and learning this site’s software has been character building for me. How will friends find me in my new universe? Will I ever run out of things to say?? Answer: No chance of that!

The next few weeks will be busy for me. Joe (DH) arrives home after one of his round-the-world (literally) business trips on Friday. Then, next week I get to host an Australian quilting friend named Michele, then drive her down to visit another friend, Lynn, in Bakersfield, CA. Lynn will later drive Michele to LAX for her flight home. Both Lynn and Michele are dealers for my brand of longarm quilting machines found here.

Right after that, I get to fly to NYC and go on board the M/Y Wombat on her journey to the owner’s summer home in Michigan. Yes, this will be my 3rd time on board this yacht and I am excited to take her through the lock systems. I still remember my nautical knots from the Bahamian trip last December on Wombat. Here’s a great picture of how pretty it was:


Anyhow, I am looking forward to going on board this beautiful yacht! Also on board will be my BIL, Captain Dave and my sister, Yvette (who also has her captain’s license, too). I will be showing up as a surprise to my dad and his girlfriend, Doris; who have no clue that I will be coming along on this trip. Hopefully, they don’t read my blog and have the surprise spoiled!

Keep you posted…
Regards, From Carla