Oreo Update

This update is for those of you following the story of the sweet little black and white cat named Oreo, who  became badly injured after seeking warmth by sleeping in the engine area of a car.   At least this is the Vet’s theory based on the cat’s injuries.  The owner of the cat is disabled, and does not have the resources to pay for the cat’s care, so my dear husband (DH) is paying for all the treatment.

This weekend, Oreo’s back leg was amputated, and now he has recovered enough to be discharged later today.  DH Joe will drive Oreo back to the owner, who lives in the next town over, but I think he is going to offer to adopt this sweet 3 legged feline.  We feel that Oreo should be an indoor cat and will need follow up care.  I will let you know whether we get a new kitty or not.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments about what my husband did.  He is a great guy, a very kind man, and feels he is just doing the right thing and not anything special.  In fact, he doesn’t know I have written 2 posts now about his kindness- and would be embarrassed to learn I did.

Back to my quilting studio now.  I am almost finished with the Kimono quilt for Barb, just need to finish up some curved crosshatching and SID, and I am done!   Hugs from Carla




Betty Post

I have a dear friend named Betty, who I first met back in my rubber and paper art days.  I finally got to meet Betty in person and hang out when I lived for 2 years in Minnesota back in the mid 90’s.  Betty has a heart of gold, plus is a creative woman from years back.  Actually,  Betty was the first person to show me beading.

Betty, who also is known by many as “Queen Betty of Pego Pego,” now lives in Oregon and is retired.  She is still creating, and is a young soul in a mature body.  Anyway, Betty sent me a box filled with quilty goodies just because she wanted to.  Betty is that giving!

First up are 2 signed books from Jean Ray Laury, an artist I have long respected and admired.  She is a pioneer of the modern quilting movement.


signed message on the Applique book:

jean autog

Here is what else Betty sent:


Yes, those are some vintage cool rubber stamps for making small pieced blocks:


Thank you, dear Betty!!  I appreciate your kindness and spirit!  Hugs, Carla

Parsnip Pete…

Karen Anderson, from Blair, NJ, knows all about my strange family Easter ritual that involves a certain chocolate bunny named Parsnip Pete.  Every year, I have driven blog readers crazy by trying to locate Parsnip Pete to give my husband for Easter.

Parsnip Pete, who somehow became a family Easter Basket Favorite, more than 2 decades ago, is becoming harder and harder to spot.  One year, I tried to substitute another brand of chocolate bunny, like Pitstop Pete or the Lil Professor, but the family rebelled.

Karen is a kind soul.  You see, she sent me 2 Parsnip Petes to surprise me, then when it didn’t arrive, sent me two more!!  Here they are:


Notice that the first two are rather sickly?


Yes, it took them several weeks to get here, so perhaps  Parsnip Pete # 1 and 2 had an unfortunate detour to somewhere HOT!!  LOL

The second 2 Parsnip Petes are in pristine condition and look lovely! ppthank-you

Notice the bright yellow eyes?  The fluffy bows?  Thank you, Karen, for making my life simply wonderful  with your gifts!!!  I owe you one, friend!


Keep watching…. a Parsnip Pete cartoon, an annual Feathered Fibers ritual, may yet appear!!  Hugs, Carla

Pay it Forward


I fully subscribe to the “Random Act of Kindness” philosophy currently traveling around blogs under the title of “Pay it Forward.” Basically, what this means is that for the first 3 people who comment their intent to also “pay it forward” in my comment section and also on their blog, I will send a handmade item of my choosing within the next 365 days.

Here are the rules lifted borrowed from Gina:

“Pay it forward rules:
I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.”

So… who wants to play? Hugs, Carla