Feather Mastery Workbook

Busy these days working on my Feather Mastery Workshop/book.  For those of you who have enjoyed the Feather Mastery Series when it was posted, and wanted some more, I am actually in the process of revamping the series, adding lots of new worksheets, and also writing about each lesson, along with tips.


I plan to release this as an eBook on iCreateFlix.com, so will let you know when it will be available.  I am starting with the feather shape, then moving on from there.  This eBook will be for any new feather quilters or machine quilters who would like to learn.  Let’s just say it won’t be your average feather quilting how-to book.  🙂

Guest Blogging Carla

My first guest blogging post has been published today HERE.  I hope you will read it and click if you like it and want to see more guest posts from yours truly.

The new website, iCreateFlix, has invited me to be a guest blogger on their blog, appropriately titled, Living the Create Life– and of course, I said, “Yes!”  16076

Yesterday and today, I was in the East Bay San Francisco area on some business, and of course, I visited the local quilt store in Concord, CA, called ThimbleCreek Quilt Store.  I left the store with some cool fabric featuring fish, sailboats and of course some beautiful Radiance Fabric for a series of wholecloths I plan to make.  I will put up some pics tomorrow since I am am bone tired from travel.

While in the quilt store, I happened to see some store samples that were quilted beautifully.  I asked for the machine quilters business card so I could share her work with you in a future post.   I also sent her a Facebook comment that I enjoyed her work, too.  I do think that quilters and artists need to know when you like their work.  What do you think?   Hugs, Carla




Earlier this year, I was approached to teach on a brand new creative website called iCreateFlix.com.   After researching the company, I knew I wanted to develop classes, patterns, e-books and tutorials for them.  c50854

Now that I am back home, it is time to get busy with class development!  I promise to let you know when I release any classes, patterns, ebook, or other products.  I have a list of classes I want to teach, but if there is an eClass subject you would like to see from me, I am certainly open to suggestions.  Leave me a comment with your opinions!

Next Post: Studio Tour of French Polynesian Quilt Tifaifai Artist, Miri Vidal.