Return of Godzilla

My husband informs me that a new Godzilla movie is being released this Friday, and he is trying to get me to attend with him.  Like many adults in my age bracket, we grew up watching those cheesy, but strangely addicting, black and white Godzilla movies.

I have another past connection to Godzilla, too.  Back in the early to mid 1990’s, I used to teach paper and rubber stamping arts.  Then, I started drawing designs for a couple of companies.  One of my design series, which was bought by Viva Las Vegastamps, features Godzilla.  You can actually buy them still.  For some strange reason, I thought it would be funny at the time to draw up some Godzilla stamps.  🙂

I remember drawing these with pen and paper, and the end result looks rather amateurish to me now, but still funny:

Godzilla stamp by Carla Barrett (mid 1990's)

Godzilla stamp by Carla Barrett (mid 1990’s)












For some odd reason, I also drew Godzilla’s foot (Godzilla experts will note that I drew the three toe foot version), probably so people could stomp things with the stamp- like Tokyo, or buildings.  That sounds like a good, solid reason to draw Godzilla’s foot, right? :









4072There is even a Godzilla Fan Club stamp.  Here it is to show you that I am not kidding.

Anyone else reading this post go through a rubber stamp phase and remember now defunct companies like ReMaRkAbLe stamps, Ken Brown stamps, and the Carson show?

Now that I am into quilting, perhaps I need to make a Godzilla quilt?  Then again, maybe not. 🙂

Works in Progress- Late November

Thought I would show you what I am working on right now.  First up is the remake of my “Hairy Leg” Quilt.  This fun quilt was designed with my good friend, Lori Seavey-Christian, when we made quilts together.  The name comes from the “hair” I quilted into Lori’s quilt.

work-in-progress by Carla Barrett

Sharp eyes will notice that I still have to quilt in the legs and hair still.  LOL  I plan to use different color thread for this.  Anyway, this quilt is free-handed (meaning it is hand guided) with my A1 longarm quilting machine.

Next up is my Tropical Leaf design that I am using pigment paint to color.  As you can see in this picture, I only have one section/color completed so far:

Digital Quilt Design by Carla Barrett. May be purchased at

I decided I needed some new colors, so I am awaiting my pigment order to finish.  The digital designs of my Tropical Leaf set is available at Digitech Designs.  I do have lots more digital designs waiting to be released in 2013, too.

Because I tend to work in several mediums at once- I am also working on a freeform beaded project for a quilt.  I hope to finish several quilt designs featuring my freeform beaded work on them in 2013!

Your turn- what are YOU working on?  Hugs, Carla

Remake of the Hairy Leg Quilt

My photo is a bit blurry,  but you can see that I am remaking my Hairy Leg quilt again.  The first one met a tragic end as inky pens and quilt tops do not mix well.  Trust me on that fact!

The history of this quilt is a collaborative effort between dear friend, Lori Seavey-Christian and myself during one of our “Lori & Carla’s Creative Adventure Weeks.”  Way back in the last decade, I decided to teach Lori how to make a quilt.  We decided on a shoe quilt and we both made our matching quilt.

I later quilted Lori’s quilt and decided to have some fun by quilting in legs, hair, tattoo, etc. since I knew Lori would love it. Here is my Hairy Leg quilting on Lori’s quilt:

We had lots of fun and laughter making our quilts.  For the last 5 or 6 years, I have been wanting to make a replacement quilt, so I finally got on the ball and made my own version.  Now I need to decide on a final border.  I am leaning towards the yellow-gold fabric.

Another project is another pigment quilt, this one will feature my Tropical Leaf pattern (available from Digitech patterns):

Next step is to paint the quilt with pigment powdered ink that I bought last year.  I was inspired after seeing a stunning black quilt that Sherry Rogers-Harrison had made and shown on Facebook.  I decided to try out her brand of fabric medium, too, since I have tried every other brand on the market.  Sherry does amazing work and is a nice person, too.  I have forgiven Sherry for teasing me by once asking if “my quilts whisper to me….”  LOL!!

I have done a few more quilts to show you in a later post.  keep watching!    Hugs, Carla

Embroidered Cartoon

Good Day!  I thought I would share an embroidered cartoon that Vicki Freeman completed.  Vicki has a website called and a blog of the same name.

What makes this embroidery special?  I will let you see for yourself:

Anyone notice my cartoon in the above picture? The name of this cartoon is “Slimy Machine Quilting Pickup Lines.”  LOL

Vicki wanted to do this embroidery and so she contacted me to obtain my permission.  I thought her project sounded fun, so I said yes.  Thanks, Vicki, for sending me a picture!  Fun project!  LOL

Hugs, Carla

Merry Christmas!!

Here is my annual Chicken Christmas Cartoon:

I guess this is why you don’t see many Santa Chickens- How would that belly fit down the chimney??   LOL!!

This year, as a joke gift, I bought my husband many “As Seen On TV” products I thought he would like.  So, he received the Perfect Brownie Pan, the Big Top Cupcake (which is just a huge cupcake shaped cake), the Draft Guard, and the Ov-Glove.  He got a good laugh, then went and made his first Big Top Cupcake cake.

Btw, his “real” gift was a new electric guitar- a Fender American Select Mahogany Stratocaster HSS. For you guitar fans, his other guitar is a Gibson Les Paul.  He loves his new Fender, so I guess I did good.

We are spending Christmas with my oldest son and DDIL, who happens to be the parents of Jack and Kate.   Spending quality time with the kids and grandkids is what I enjoy most about Christmas!

How was your Christmas or Holiday?  Carla

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to turn your minds to finding the perfect “Ugly Christmas Sweater” to wear to your UGLY Christmas Sweater Party!!  Yes, you, too, can own one of these:

There are actually businesses that cater to people holding Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties!    I think that is pretty funny.

If anyone reading this has an ugly holiday sweater picture to send me,  just drop me a comment and I will be in contact.  I can keep your picture anonymous  if it is REALLY ugly, or I can give you credit if you wish.

My recession tip is to find your ugly sweater at the local thrift stores!  I bet you can pick one up for less than $3, too.

Any reason to laugh is good.   Cheers, Carla