4th of July Weekend

Where has the time flown to?  It is already the 4th of July Weekend!  The best part is that Joe gets 3 days off and we can spend it together.  But let me catch you up first to all my doings.  I’ve been:

* Designing quilting lines for my next show quilt.

*Working on the current quilt

*Piecing my slash quilt

*Designing my entry for Use the Muse 2 contest

Of course, my Janome 6500 is still acting up for me.  The bobbin keeps shifting willy nilly, even after I purchased a new one.  So it is off to a Janome specialist to be diagnosed and fixed.  Also, I’ve been busy with all the mundane stuff in life :

* Scheduled an install of a new whole house fan for Wednesday

*Comb all 4 pets daily to remove foxtails and burrs

*Clean the house

*Organize parts of the house bit by bit (which is loosely related to Clean the house, above)

*lunch with friends

*babysit Jack

etc… you get the picture.

This weekend, we will barbeque, of course.  You can’t have the 4th without barbequing.  Mainly, we will work in the garden, rest up and read, perhaps take a hike or drive somewhere.  Something relaxing.  How about you??  What are your plans?

Hugs, Carla

Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!  My Mother’s Day was made complete by receiving this special gift:


Isn’t that cute?  Jack is standing in front of my house on Easter when I took that picture.  He is playing with a butterfly house, btw.  I love the little handprint, too!

Spring is blooming all over…. here are some flowers from my garden to share with you.  First up, one of Joe’s alliums:


Next up, some columbine:


and my favorite, a Japanese Iris:


The last 2 plants were from my old garden, and the allium was planted by Joe in memory of a trip to Hidcote Garden in Britain.  Every year, he adds more alliums.

My next quilt up is another one for Nancy back in North Carolina.  Here is the before picture, folded into quarter section:


So, what did you do special today?  Hugs, Carla