ReFashioning a T-shirt

I stumbled across the best idea I have seen in a long time from a blog called, “Stop Staring and Start Sewing,” turning an inexpensive t-shirt that I would never, ever wear into a cute top.  Can you believe  this adorable shirt started life as a unflattering tshirt from dare I say… Walmart?

JonaG also offers a mini tutorial on how to refashion this t-shirt.  The only change I would make would be to create buttonholes or use grommets instead of the slits she cut under the chest to gather and tie the center pleat detail.  Anyway, I thought it would be good to share this since I am planning to make one eventually.

While you are visiting this site, be sure to notice all her other tutorials, too.

Fabric Scrap Tutorials

I decided to search the web to find fun and interesting projects or tutorials to do with fabric scraps, strips or leftover fabric from other projects including this fun one called Bunny Bowling by thelongthread.  Bowling with Bunnies?  What a fun idea!

Misc. Fabric Items Tutorials:

Inchie Tutorial by Feathered Fibers

Fabric Chain by Moda

Microwave Potato Bag by Feathered Fibers

Blossom Pincushion by Running with Scissors

Selvage Quilt Tutorial

Garden Fabric Crafts Tutorials:

Fabric Flowers Tutorial by Simply Vintage

Garden Flower Tutorial from Sewritzytitzy blog.

Fabric Scraps into Jewelry Tutorials:

Puppy Necklace by Hillary Lang

Fabric Flower Brooch by Gonetoearth blog.

Fabric Bead Necklace Tutorial by Froo Gal

Fabric Strip + chain= cool necklace! by Love, Meaghan

Bead & Knot Necklace by See Kate Sew

Fabric Embellishments Tutorials:

Yo-yo Heart by GonetoEarth

Fabric Scraps Wearable Fashion Tutorials:

Fabric Crochet Purse by Feathered Fibers

crochet purse

Rose Petal Tee by Jennifer Causey

Fabric Flower Pin by Amelia Strader

Crazy Bag by mad quilter

Fabric Scrap Applique Belt by BH&G

Fabric Rosette Cuff by see kate sew

Fabric Scraps Toys Tutorials:

Puppy Necklace by Hillary Lang

Fabric Nesting Dolls by madebyjoel

Balloon cover by mad quilter

Babooshka Doll by mad quilter

Bunny Bowling by the longthread

Angry Bird Plush Toy by Obsessively Stitiching

Angry Bird Pig by Obsessively Stitching


I hope you will check out these tutorials if you have some free time on your hands.  One of them is sure to catch your fancy!  Happy New Year!  Carla

Carla’s Bedside Organizer Tutorial

My latest free tutorial, a handy bedside organizer, is both  functional and attractive.  I designed this to hold my glasses, my ipad,  phone, TV remote, water  and/or other items that I need close at hand.  Here is my bedside organizer, hanging in place on the side of my bed:

To help you visualize this project, here is a sketch:

For this project, I simply dug in my stash until I found some old flannel, about 3/4-1 yard.  Then I needed a matching smaller piece of fabric (12″x16″) to use as the front pockets.  As an option, you could also substitute quilted fabric in place of the flannel.

Besides the 2 fabrics, you need thread, your sewing machine, rotary mat, cutter and ruler.  Here are the supply list sized to be printed out for your convenience:

Directions are pretty straightforward.  Again, I wrote the directions and sized it to be printed out:

This is a fast project, I made it in less than an hour.  I actually love that it is now hanging on the side of my bed and allows me extra space to store my books, nick-knacks, etc.  Here is a picture I took just before I tucked it between my mattress ad box spring:

As always, if you make one using my free tutorial, please send me a comment or picture.  Happy New Year!!  Carla

Holiday Month

The holidays are right around the corner.  Is money tight this year due to the economy?  Here are some free tutorials I have that would make wonderful homemade gifts.

Microwave Potato Bag Pattern

If you appreciate using this pattern, which gets hundreds of hits per day, please leave me a thank you note.  Disclaimer: Use at your own risk and please note that I am not liable if you decide to use this free pattern and fail to read all the directions, follow them, and supervise your microwave.



Copper Bookmark Tutorial

For the reader in your life.  This is a beginning metal project using easily attainable materials from the hardware and craft store.

This tutorial does not have any disclaimers- except maybe to not hammer your thumb, or pull a muscle in your elbow.  LOL


Mokuba Freelace Scarf

This is a fun project using a little known product, called mokuba freelace.   If you cannot find it, then substitute 2 sheets of water soluble, your favorite brand.


Last Tutorial I will feature is my Freeform Crochet Tutorial.  This is a tutorial for beginning and advanced crocheters, but only if you purposely crochet in a haphazard manner and let your free spirit come out!

Freeform Crochet Tutorial:

This project is for any friend or relative.  Why not make one for yourself?

Have fun!!  If you try any of these, please let me know.  I offer them free because I love to share, spread good karma, etc.

If you are a quilter, be sure to check out my site,   Happy Holidays to all!!  Hugs, Carla

Carla’s Etsy Find!

On my facebook account, which is listed by my name, Carla Barrett, I had a recent request to be friends from another artist, Puteri Noor.  I accepted, then went to view her work.

Puteri live in Malaysia and does wonderful, stunning silk and batik fabric paintings!  I will admit I loved them so much, I bought 4 pieces from her Etsy shop.   Here is a sampling:

and another:

The colors are so rich!  Here is another silk art:

I visited Puteri’s  Etsy store this morning and noticed that she is currently sold out.  However, be sure to look at her listing of textile art and you can contact her to make a custom piece to add to your quilting.

If you do this, tell her Carla sent you.  🙂   I love to showcase other artists and let my readers see such a rich variety of women creating art in our world.

WIP & Designs

Hello, been a few days since I posted, so thought I would show you what I am up to.

I do have a new quilt on my frame that I am part way through.  Today, I decided I do  not like my border design for this quilt, so I will take the time to unstitch the area, aka “frogging a quilt.”  It will take me many hours, but the final result will be worth it.

Then, I am in the midst of making some new class samples using current fabrics.  First up is my slash Therapy Quilt, I have finished the body of the quilt shown here:

The photo is a bit misleading, right now, the border stops at the navy dot fabric.  The finished border will be pieced and more interesting.  Here is this quilt in a different colorway:

My next project is a cool purse that has been in my head for years.  I need to hunt for the right fabric to create it.  Here is my working sketch design:

I also want to re-design this purse from years ago that I started with my friend, Lori:

Next WIP is getting my new class website together.  That is coming along nicely.  I am still on schedule for my Fall QW class.  I plan to announce the dates soon.  If you are already on my mailing list here  or the list at the QW Yahoo Group, then you should expect an announcement first.

If you want to get on my list, just leave a comment on my Class page.

Enjoy your week!!  Hugs, Carla

Featured Again!

My blog tutorial  for creating a selvage quilt is featured on a site called “Totally Tutorials.” It is a great site, especially since they have such great taste, right?  LOL

This is a great reason to mention I have a whole page of free tutorials, too!!  Check them out!


Persnickety Quilts blog also has some lovely comments about this Carolina Lily quilt I quilted many years ago:

Thanks for your nice praise about this quilt and my quilting!


Lynn at Nebraska Views shares that she learned something by reading my blog!  Thanks, Lynn, I do love getting credit!  LOL  She also mentions and links to my Yahoo group on Quilt Whispering.


Trish at Compulsive Quilting also learned something by reading a particular post.  Find out which one by clicking HERE.

Thank you for posting about my site or work that I have done.  You sometime post and wonder if you are talking to yourself.  LOL   Of course, I soon will be hitting the 750,000 800,000 visitor, when you combine visits from Feathered Fibers with my first blog.  When I get closer, I will be having a free giveaway!!

Hugs, Carla

Fiber Pendant Necklace

I was digging through my beading boxes and found this little gem:

 This is a painted fiber bead wire wrapped pendant with beads and fibers.  Kumihimo necklace finishes this simple, yet cool fiber necklace.

I have been quilting, also working on some bead projects this week.  I have been slacking in the creativity department of late, so I thought it was time to get inspired!  Look for some interesting items coming up!

I want to know where this week went and who took it?  Why does time fly by so quickly?   What is your theory?  Hugs, Carla

Thrift Store Finds

I visited my local thrift store this week, and found a couple of finds in the clothing department.  Since I am down a couple of sizes, I wanted to pick up a few items without breaking the bank.

I found this lovely top by SweetPea, a brand carried at Nordstroms, which looks very flattering on:

It looks terrific with jeans, too.  The next top I found was from the Serenade brand:

Again, this is very flattering on- even better since it only  cost me $1.50 each due to a half off sale.  LOL

I also found a book for my DH by a favorite author; and also a retro pyrex dish.  All in all, a good day!

I love hunting for items at the thrift store!  I guess it is the recycle/reuse philosophy I have, or perhaps the thrill of the hunt?   Any others who feel the same way as me?  I know you are out there!  LOL

By the way, the thrift store is also a perfect place for craft supplies.  One of my favorite projects I did involved buying a couple of those long “teacher” dresses that were in style about 15 years ago  and cut them into strips of fabric.  I then crocheted them into a large bag or purse.  Of course, I have a tutorial for that here.  You could also wrap the fabric around cording and make a fabric bowl for your home or perhaps a rag rug.  The ideas are endless!!

Enjoy your day!!  Carla

ArtBead Challenge

Today, I am pleased to reveal my finished design for my latest Challenge.  I have shared previously that I am honored to be a part of their Blogging Designer’s program where I get to try out new items and then review them on my blog.

This time, I got to select from a wide variety of Cubic Zirconia products to base my design on.  I chose a variety of Cubic Zirconia beads to showcase, including this lovely cubic zirconia pendant which became my focal piece.  Here is my inspiration piece:

Here is a picture of my main focal pendant up close:

Cubic Zirconia  Faceted Twist Oval Drop- Peridot

Review:  I am not usually a “bling” person, but I love mixing shiny beads with matte beads and fibers in my work.  I loved what I chose and as always, the fast delivery service I received from  I continue to be impressed with this company.

The quality of the Cubic Zirconia Peridot pendant was exceptional.  You can tell this from the images above.

How I made this project:

My inspiration was the peridot pendant.  Coming from a quilting and fiber background, I decided to stay true to my art and incorporate fabric into the design.  Here is the batik fabric used, which also inspired my color pallette:

I  braided the batik fabric with some matching yarn to get the base fiber necklace form.  This was scaled to just slip over my head, so no clasps were needed.   I next decided to tie the ends together and make a tassel out of fabric, yarn and beads.  My lovely peridot pendant rests on top of the tassel with just enough contrast to stand out and catch the eye.

I have included some peyote stitched beads above the tassel and I am now finishing the project by sewing on some peridot crystals I have on the necklace strap.  This will bring some more visual interest to the strap as well.

I hope you enjoy this project, I know I have.  Thanks to for providing free-of-charge the peridot pendant for my honest review.  Please note that I have not been paid to write this by, and I have complete freedom to create my design and discuss how I like or did not like the product provided.

Coming News… I will be having a blog giveaway soon, so keep watching!

Regards, Carla Barrett