Teaching in AU in October 2014!

Hello, I thought I would share the wonderful news that I will be traveling to Australia in October, 2014, to teach 7 classes at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in North Terrace, Adelaide.   I have always wanted to visit Australia, so I was honored to be asked to teach at this event.

Here are the classes offered at this show:


Avoiding The Oops! Learn what not to do before an oops- or how to fix the most common issues seen in machine quilting if you do.  After a decade of machine quilting, Carla has either made a mistake, repaired one, or seen issues at quilt shows.  This class is for beginning to intermediate machine quilters who want technical information presented in a fun way.

Freeform beaded purse by Carla Barrett

Freeform beaded purse by Carla Barrett

Freeform Beading for Quilters–  Join Carla Barrett for this innovative, exciting, beading embellishment class that introduces you to freeform beading and how to use this stunning technique for all your quilts!  No prior beading experience is necessary, though a pre-class handout on selecting beads, learning two simple stitches and supply list are provided to a create an optional small purse.  Warning!  This technique is very addictive, fun, and can be used to make jewelry to match, too!

Design for the Foothill Guild's Opportunity quilt by Carla Barrett

Design for the Foothill Guild’s Opportunity quilt by Carla Barrett

Quilt Whispering: Design Basics– If you have ever struggled to design a quilt top, then this is the class for you!  Learn Carla Barrett’s unique approach to more easily design any quilt, tips and tricks of designing, locating inspiration, and becoming a more confident machine quilting designer along the way.     Discover why thousands of students have taken the online version of this class to rave reviews!  Registered students may send a quilt top photo to Carla by September 1st, 2014 to be designed personally by her.

By the way, here is a photo where I have executed the above design:

Quilting by Carla Barrett

Quilting by Carla Barrett

Free motion quilting by Carla Barrett

Free motion quilting by Carla Barrett

Freeform Quilting- This class is for all free motion quilters, no matter which machine system you own or your skill level.  Carla teaches her unique method of Freeform Quilting, which can be successfully used as a fast edge-to-edge design, quick border design, or as a unique fill on any quilt.  This technique is also easily adaptable to match other designs used on the quilt, quilt design, or theme.  Come and discover your own freeform quilting style and how to effectively use it in your quilting!

quilting by Carla Barrett

quilting by Carla Barrett


Freeform quilting used as a border design for this oak leaf quilt.  Click to see the quilting design in larger format.

fabric crochet by Carla Barrett

fabric crochet by Carla Barrett

Fabric Crochet for Quilters-   Machine quilting and fabric crochet are a perfect combination!  No crochet experience needed for this class in combining quilting and fabric crochet to make a functional and stunning purse.  In addition, Carla will teach you some simple, yet effective embellishment and quilting ideas for finishing your purse.  Many fabrics and fibers can

Fabric crochet purse detail by Carla Barrett

Fabric crochet purse detail by Carla Barrett

be cut or stripped, then used in this project, including hand-dyed, batik, selvages, and recycled clothing.  Pre-class instruction in how to do two basic crochet stitches- the chain stitch and single crochet stitch will be provided to students, as well as how to choose fabric and what to bring!


Free Lace scarf by Carla Barrett

Free Lace scarf by Carla Barrett

Mokuba Free Lace Scarf-  Create a cool artsy scarf you can wear the same day!  This is an exciting project class using Mokuba Free Lace water soluble to make a scarf on a domestic machine, with information provided for how to use this product on longarm machines, too.  The techniques you learn are also transferable for creating 3-dimensional sculptures, wearable art, and art quilt embellishments, too!  Carla Barrett will share several methods for working with this unique product to acheive different looks or effects- from sheer to opaque.

Tablet Design Class project by Carla Barrett

Tablet Design Class project by Carla Barrett

Tablet Design Class for Quilters-  Have a Wacom style of tablet or Tablet PC, and want to learn how to design with it?  This course teaches you several methods of using your tablet, along with Photoshop Elements (version 7-current) to create a wide variety of quilting designs.  Carla will show you how to plan and design your quilt top image, draw quilting motifs, pantograph designs, wholecloth quilts, and more using your tablet device* and Photoshop Elements.

Tablet Design Plan by Carla Barrett

Tablet Design Plan by Carla Barrett

 *To register for this class, you will need is one of the following types of tablets:  a Wacom (or similar) brand of plug-in tablet for your laptop, or a Tablet PC (which is a tablet laptop or slate tablet capable of running Photoshop Elements).   Your tablet set-up must have Photoshop 8,9,10, or 11 installed. Please note that this class is not for iPad or Android tablets.  For more info about tablet types, please visit https://featheredfibers.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/buying-a-new-pc-tablet/

If you live in AU, I hope you will attend this show, take one of more of my classes, and come meet me!

Btw, in 2014, I will also be teaching in the midwest MQX, too.  That is info for a later post.  Have fun creating!  Carla

Carla’s Free Blog Giveaway!

Having reached the first 1 Million visitors to Feathered Fibers earlier this year, I wanted to offer a free blog  giveaway.  Not only a giveaway, but a custom giveaway!  The winner will have their choice of one of the following, created just for them by me!

Prize Option 1: Peyote Bracelet- you pick the main color!  Here is an example:

or, Prize Option 2: Freeform scarf or bowl- again, you pick the main color!  See examples below:


or, Prize Option 3: Custom cartoon- created for you, matted and ready for a 8×10 frame!

or, Prize Option 4: Freeform Beaded Necklace- you choose the main color!  Below are examples of a freeform necklace and a freeform beaded pendant.


Entering this Free Giveaway is easy as 1-2-3 :

1. Post a comment under this blog post if you are entering (so I may keep track of  your entry) Share what prize you would want if you win?  If you want, you can copy any photos of the prizes if you would like to share them on your blog. Be sure to leave me your blog address, so I may verify that you followed my 1-2-3 rules.

2. Post a link back to my blog at either https://featheredfibers.wordpress.com or http://www.carlabarrett.com using my birdie art (below):

  (to copy, just right click and save as)

3. Last step- Post on your blog that Carla Barrett is having a free blog giveaway  and that Carla is holding another Quilt Whisperer Class on January 9, 2012, a creative class on quilting design for all levels of quilters.

That’s all you need to do to enter!  I get some exposure for my blog and class- and you may win a custom prize!  Contest ends on noon (PST) January 7, 2012, and the winner will be decided by a random number generator and immediately notified.  I will also announce the winner on my blog here, too.

Please note that the winning item selected will be made custom, so obviously, it will take me time to create. I do promise to be as timely as possible.

Good luck to you all!

Happy Holidays from Carla

Two Scarves

I am in a scarf creative frame of mind lately.  The first one is a scarf created in the Pixeladies Fabric Design with Photoshop Elements Online Class.  I started with a sunset view image looking out my front door, taken from this perspective:

, then, using techniques taught in the class, I created this scarf:

The font words relate to how I feel about my DH, Joe and our home.  I plan to tweak it just a bit more, then have it printed out in silk.

Interested in taking this class the next time it is offered?  Just leave a comment to be added to my online class interest list.

Freeform Crochet Scarf

My next scarf uses a lovely palette of colors and textures.  The technique used is freeform crochet and I happen to have a free tutorial HERE.  This scarf is about halfway done, and I plan to wear it this winter:

Won’t this look lovely when finished?  Stay creative!  Carla

Holiday Month

The holidays are right around the corner.  Is money tight this year due to the economy?  Here are some free tutorials I have that would make wonderful homemade gifts.

Microwave Potato Bag Pattern

If you appreciate using this pattern, which gets hundreds of hits per day, please leave me a thank you note.  Disclaimer: Use at your own risk and please note that I am not liable if you decide to use this free pattern and fail to read all the directions, follow them, and supervise your microwave.



Copper Bookmark Tutorial

For the reader in your life.  This is a beginning metal project using easily attainable materials from the hardware and craft store.

This tutorial does not have any disclaimers- except maybe to not hammer your thumb, or pull a muscle in your elbow.  LOL


Mokuba Freelace Scarf

This is a fun project using a little known product, called mokuba freelace.   If you cannot find it, then substitute 2 sheets of water soluble, your favorite brand.


Last Tutorial I will feature is my Freeform Crochet Tutorial.  This is a tutorial for beginning and advanced crocheters, but only if you purposely crochet in a haphazard manner and let your free spirit come out!

Freeform Crochet Tutorial:

This project is for any friend or relative.  Why not make one for yourself?

Have fun!!  If you try any of these, please let me know.  I offer them free because I love to share, spread good karma, etc.

If you are a quilter, be sure to check out my site, QuiltWhisper.com.   Happy Holidays to all!!  Hugs, Carla

Retail Therapy etc.

My shopping mission today involves finding just the right dress to wear to a wedding later this month.  I will admit that I rarely wear dresses,  so looking in my closet revealed some summer dresses, rarely worn, and lots of comfortable clothing- including a whole wardrobe for those times when I need to speak in front of a crowd.

No dress appropriate for a fall wedding though.  None.  So off I go hunting for a new dress today.  Any dress shopping advice is welcome though.

Other News…  Now that my class is finished, I am busy working on future class developments, plus working on my book, plus a new booklet.   I also plan to design some fiber/bead wearable art, maybe if I find just the right dress, I can design a cool art piece to match.

Also, I am making a new freeform  crochet scarf  using a wide variety of yarn.  Here are the colors I am using:

Of course, Oscar saw yarn and just had to get in my way:

Silly kitty!  What is it about cats and yarn?  Or cats and quilts?

Enjoy your day!!  Carla


Freeform Scarf-in progress

I have been busy of late.  Quilting during the day, and freeform crocheting at night.  I haven’t shown you any freeform crochet in awhile, so I thought I would show you a picture:

Here is a picture taken in the sunlight, which does tend to distort the color, but does show you the texture:

I tend to give most of my scarves away.  I even gave one away as a Grand Doorprize when I taught at MQS.

I have also been doodling some more…. but that is a future post.  LOL

Enjoy your day, I am meeting my DH for lunch today.  I think we will go to a dim sum place on this date.  Enjoy your day!!  Carla

Thrift Store Finds

I visited my local thrift store this week, and found a couple of finds in the clothing department.  Since I am down a couple of sizes, I wanted to pick up a few items without breaking the bank.

I found this lovely top by SweetPea, a brand carried at Nordstroms, which looks very flattering on:

It looks terrific with jeans, too.  The next top I found was from the Serenade brand:

Again, this is very flattering on- even better since it only  cost me $1.50 each due to a half off sale.  LOL

I also found a book for my DH by a favorite author; and also a retro pyrex dish.  All in all, a good day!

I love hunting for items at the thrift store!  I guess it is the recycle/reuse philosophy I have, or perhaps the thrill of the hunt?   Any others who feel the same way as me?  I know you are out there!  LOL

By the way, the thrift store is also a perfect place for craft supplies.  One of my favorite projects I did involved buying a couple of those long “teacher” dresses that were in style about 15 years ago  and cut them into strips of fabric.  I then crocheted them into a large bag or purse.  Of course, I have a tutorial for that here.  You could also wrap the fabric around cording and make a fabric bowl for your home or perhaps a rag rug.  The ideas are endless!!

Enjoy your day!!  Carla

Thrift Store Shopping

OK, I just can’t help myself, I just have to go hunting to find just the perfect old sweater to use in my challenge.  In case you missed it, here is the link to my challenge:

I will be looking for a variety of items, but my main goal is to find sweaters to felt, and sweaters to unravel.  I will report back and let you know how I did and whether my hunt was successful.

To change topics, I met with my local quilt store (LQS) yesterday and scheduled 5 classes I will be teaching in Feb-April, 2010.  3 are project classes and 2 are design theory classes.  If you live in Northern California, check out my classes at High Sierra Quilters.  They should be up on their website soon.  If you visit their site, notice the quilt on the main page.  That is a quilt I quilted about 5 years ago, and was auctioned off for $5,000.00.  It is now hanging in a private installation.

While I was there I purchased some lovely batik fabric to strip and make into a LARGE crochet bag for myself.  Most of my fabric crochet creations have been medium sized to small.  This one will be larger, so wish me luck on figuring out the pattern as I wing it.  Oh yes, I do have a free fabric crochet tutorial for you to see.

Now I’m off to create something, anything.

Use the Muse 2 update

Remember I signed up for a challenge called “Use the Muse 2?”  I’ve been working like crazy since the deadline is next Saturday.   Basically, the challenge works like this:  You enter by purchasing the packet of beads- along with the “Muse” piece.  You then use the muse to plan and create your jewelry or accessories.

I cannot reveal my muse until later, but I can tell you what I am doing.  I have decided I need a new small bag – think jewelry accessory in a certain color to match the muse.  It is both decorative and functional.  I also decided to use my own free tutorials to create my item.

So I started with some cool fabric that looks like this:

muse fabris copy

I cut it into strips,

fabric strips

then crocheted the strips together to make a purse (Fabric Crochet Purse Tutorial).  Here is the base:

crochet asscc

I next quilted some fabric freehand style :

quilted fabric

Now I am finishing it off, then plan to add some freeform beading (Freeform Peyote Beading Tutorial)  to  the front, using the muse as my inspiration.

freeform bead1

Right now, I have just begun the beading part of the project, but i will show you it as soon as I finish.    Hmmm… think I will make my deadline??

Hugs, Carla

Leaving Sodus Point, NY

This is my travel journal from a yacht delivery trip of the Motor/Yacht (M/Y) Odyssey, a 75 foot Lazzara, which started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and ended in Bay Harbor, Michigan.- Carla

Hello to all!  I haven’t updated my post for awhile… the flu bug laid my sister and I low for about 5 days.  We are now up and feeling well once again, so life is good!  Even better- we just returned the rental car and plan to leave today!

Here are a few pics from our stay here in the marina (click to enlarge)   and (oops, the crochet one shouldn’t be in this grouping):

The mechanics are done, only some computer programming to do with the engines and the joystick.  This boat has the new feature where you can drive it with a joystick control.

Staying here a week, though picturesque, has been challenging.  It is a remote location and even the grocery store is far away.  I am glad that we were hit with the flu while awaiting parts and repair, it would have been miserable to be sick and working the locks.

Speaking of locks, tomorrow, if all goes to plan, we will be in the Welland Canal.  The Welland Canal allows shipping and sea traffic to bypass Niagara Falls.  Due to our time constraints, we will miss taking an extra day to see the Falls, visit the Niagara wineries, and obtain some ice wine.  Bummer!

Creative wise, I have only finished one item- a freeform scarf for my sister:

(click photo above)

I am working on some beaded items to share later.  Hopefully, I will finish at least 2 items before the trip ends.

More to tell you, life on a boat is very interesting.  I confess to being a bit homesick right now to see Joe, Baby Jack and home!  Big news at home is that Oscar got 1) a foxtail in the eye; and 2) bit by an animal in the hind leg.  He has been to vet 3 times this week.  Poor Oscar!

oscar My favorite picture of Oscar

Hugs to you all, hope all is well on your end.  The Oydssey continues…….