Fabric Scrap Tutorials

I decided to search the web to find fun and interesting projects or tutorials to do with fabric scraps, strips or leftover fabric from other projects including this fun one called Bunny Bowling by thelongthread.  Bowling with Bunnies?  What a fun idea!

Misc. Fabric Items Tutorials:

Inchie Tutorial by Feathered Fibers

Fabric Chain by Moda

Microwave Potato Bag by Feathered Fibers

Blossom Pincushion by Running with Scissors

Selvage Quilt Tutorial

Garden Fabric Crafts Tutorials:

Fabric Flowers Tutorial by Simply Vintage

Garden Flower Tutorial from Sewritzytitzy blog.

Fabric Scraps into Jewelry Tutorials:

Puppy Necklace by Hillary Lang

Fabric Flower Brooch by Gonetoearth blog.

Fabric Bead Necklace Tutorial by Froo Gal

Fabric Strip + chain= cool necklace! by Love, Meaghan

Bead & Knot Necklace by See Kate Sew

Fabric Embellishments Tutorials:

Yo-yo Heart by GonetoEarth

Fabric Scraps Wearable Fashion Tutorials:

Fabric Crochet Purse by Feathered Fibers

crochet purse

Rose Petal Tee by Jennifer Causey

Fabric Flower Pin by Amelia Strader

Crazy Bag by mad quilter

Fabric Scrap Applique Belt by BH&G

Fabric Rosette Cuff by see kate sew

Fabric Scraps Toys Tutorials:

Puppy Necklace by Hillary Lang

Fabric Nesting Dolls by madebyjoel

Balloon cover by mad quilter

Babooshka Doll by mad quilter

Bunny Bowling by the longthread

Angry Bird Plush Toy by Obsessively Stitiching

Angry Bird Pig by Obsessively Stitching


I hope you will check out these tutorials if you have some free time on your hands.  One of them is sure to catch your fancy!  Happy New Year!  Carla

Colllaborative Art Journal

Hmmm….  I received a publisher email offering me a good price on this terrific new book since I was a collaborator:

Collaborative Art Journals

I could not, for the life of me, remember which project was in that one?  Was it the fiber food project?  An older project perhaps?  A little investigative searching revealed it to be the inchie project I took place in a couple of years ago organized by Marylin Huskamp:


In case you are curious, I created the little birdie inchie in the second row, middle back in 2006.  I even have a old inchie tutorial in case you are reading this and wondering:


So now  I need to buy that book since a small piece of work is i it.  Congrats to LK, your book looks fabulous, a must have for any mixed media studio!!

Inchie Preview

I organized an inchie swap on a machine quilting list I belong to.  I am getting ready to mail them out in a day or so, once the last one arrives.  Here is a delightful photo of all those wonderful inchies that have arrived to date:

Aren’t they terrific?!  Once the last one arrives, I will list the names of all the participants and post a picture of who did which inchie.  Thank you to all the participants!

By the way, in case you wonder what an “inchie” is, or want to know how to make them, I do have an inchie tutorial posted on my Tutorial page.

Hugs, Carla

WIP Wednesday

Today, I am showcasing two drawings from a young artist- Amy!  Amy is taking her very first drawing class and here is the b&w study of a bell pepper and a tree, which are class assignments:

She did a fabulous job!!  Can’t wait to see what else she creates!  In case you are curious, Amy is my middle child.

I am working on my “inchie Project” packaging.  Can’t just send them in a plastic bag, so I am making each Inchie participant a special container.  To that end, here it the 2 yard fabric that I quilted, Carla freeform style:

I’ll reveal more later!!

Lastly, thank you for all the comments and emails about my dad!  He is getting out of ICU today finally, which is great news.  It is hard when a loved one is ill and they live so far away.

Hugs, Carla

Planning a Trip to Kauai

I’ve been busy the last few days organizing a vacation trip to Kauai for Joe and I. We can’t wait and I’m already investigating what to do, places to go and eat, where to find sea glass, and of course, the best places to snorkel:

If anyone has any suggestions with regards to things to do, places to eat or see, please leave me a comment. We will be staying on an oceanfront condo on the south side of the Island. Here is our view:


My Dad

My dad had another surgery yesterday, and currently is in ICU. This time, the surgery to fix his blocked carotid artery went well. A few month ago, he had his first side done (both were 99% blocked) and almost died post surgery. They did an emergency operation to save his life then. Anyhow, I was a basket case worrying about how this one would go. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers.


I am working on the inchie project that I am organizing. I have started making special inchie holders to send back to all the participants. More later on this one……. By the way, if you are reading this and wonder what an “inchie” is, click on my tutorial icon on the right hand sidebar and you will find a free tutorial to explain things.

Enjoy your day! Carla

Inchies and Other Mailings

(Carla Note: blog contest details are here.)

How are you today! Thought I would mention all the goodies which have arrived to my studio recently.

Inchies, Inchies and More Inchies!!– I am running an inchie exchange over on MQResource, a quilting site. What are inchies, you ask?? Just see my inchie tutorial to learn more! Anyway, the inchies are trickling in, here are the ones which have arrived so far:

Don’t they look lovely?? Terrific job by all the artists above!


Beaded Workspace– Next up relates to the freeform beaded necklace that I shared in my post yesterday. Quilter Karen A. asked me how do I keep the beads from going in all directions as I work with them? Here is a photo of my workspace that shows the piece of fleece/felt, the ceramic dish and other items:

You might be wondering why I have an antique key in the picture? I found it recently, so I’m planning to use it somehow. It is just sitting there for inspiration.


Another Mailbox Goodie– My sister, Yvette, sent me an adorable Life is Good t-shirt from the New England East Coast region:

I love that Lobster!! Thanks, Sis!


Don’t Forget! Before I go, I must remind you of my blog contest I am currently running until Sunday, August 17th, 2008 at noon:

The winner gets their choice of a lovely freeform crochet scarf, handmade by me! This is at least a $150.00 value (or was it $175?). I arrived at that price because that is how much that my friend and wearable artist Susan Italo sold it for when I let her wear one of my scarves at a quilt show. A merchant vendor saw Susan wearing it and decided she must own it!! Thanks, Susan, for your negotiating skills!

That’s all for today. Hope your day is creative! Hugs, Carla

Fabric Inchie Tutorial

ArtFiberFest Inchie Group Swap organized by Marylin Nouvelle (mine is the center one in the 2nd row with the bird.  I’ve posted a picture near the bottom of this tutorial)

Hello, my tutorial is for anyone who wants to make a inchie out of fabric, quilt style, meaning it has 3 layers like a quilt. I have really simplified this tutorial, just to teach you the basic steps. By all means, feel free to expand on my tutorial- especially when it comes to the embellishment phase.

I have also provided directions for people who use standup quilting systems, as well as anyone who uses their home sewing machine. Have fun!- Carla

Carla’s Inchie Tutorial

Inchies are one inch quilts consisting of 3 primary layers- the backing, the middle layer and the top. They are fast and fun to do! You may also make Double Inchies- 2” x 2” and Inchies Plus -1.5” x 1.5” sizes for people who find the one inch size too confining.

Step 1: Gather your supplies for the following layers based on your desired color palette:

Backing: Fat Quarter sized fabric for the backing in a fabric that will go well with your chosen color palette. (If you are making multiple inchies in various color palatte, then choose a larger backing in a color that works for your particular color palette.)

Middle Layer: Chose heavy weight pellon or my favorite is 2mm Fun Foam (found at any craft store). Please note that I do not recommend Fast2Fuse, Timtex and similar products with adhesive. The adhesive layer has a tendency to attach to the sewing or quilting machine needle and “gunk it up.”

Top Layer: Will need fabric scraps, including a focal scrap fabric in your desired color, embellishments (such as buttons, beads, ribbons, lace, charms, words, heat set cystals, photo transfers, etc.), also paint or any other embellishment technique that you know. I also suggest Steam-a-Seam Light 2 for any fusible bonding needs. (this product does not gunk your machine up).

Also need basic sewing supplies such as matching thread, decorative thread, scissors, needle, sewing machine, rotary cutter, ruler, cutting mat, etc.

Step 2: Layer the bottom 2 layers to create your design surface– Lay out on your flat working surface your backing material (wrong side up), then lay over this your craft foam or heavy weight pellon (this product is a similar thickness to Timtex, Fast2Fuse without the adhesive layer). This will be your working design surface.

[Note to Mid or Longarm owners: Load your backing fabric on your bottom and top rollers, then place your middle layer on top of this. This is now your working design surface.]

Step 3: Create your visual top design in a collage fashion. You will be working in an area determined by how many inchies you need to make. (For instance, if you needed 25- 1” inchies, you would be working in a space 5 inches by 5 inches.) Keep in mind that anything placed down will need to be soft enough to stitch through. Harder embellishments such as charms, beads, etc. can be added later. Don’t forget to add some elements to your piece that are interesting.

*Helpful Hint- I used my hot iron to flatten the layers before stitching!

[for mid and longarm owners- you can also load a larger backing, then create many sets of inchies all at once! It is much easier to create your multiple designs on a longarm than on your home machine at this point.]

Step 4: Once you are happy with your design, then you can start stitching them down in place. If you find that your top layers are moving or shifting, then by all means use the lightweight fusible mentioned above for added control (following the directions on the Steam-a-Seam Lite 2) then fuse it together with your iron before the stitching step. Another alternative would be to lay a piece of fine netting or similar material over your work surface to prevent catching the small pieces with your machine foot. You could use a water soluble layer, as well, but I’m too lazy to wash it out. LOL! Now stitch everything in place, then add some more stitching for added texture and color. Remember, you can always change thread colors, too, or use specialty threads.

[For mid and longarmers, yes, you can fuse the layers while loaded if you are careful. Thus said, my sample above was created without fusing. Use your machine to stitch down all the collage and loose pieces. Then add stitching texture to your collage. Once again, it is easier to do this with your table and machine setup].

Step 5: Use your rotary cutter and ruler to cut the inchies into the desired size widths. This step is pretty self explaining no matter what machine you are using. You will have long strips at this point.

[mid and longarmers- simply unload your machine and take it to your cutting table. From here on out, you will be using your DSM or home sewing machine to complete these.]

Step 6: Satin stitch the edges on both the long sides of the strips using your home sewing machine. You can make this step go faster by completing this step “chain style.” (if your machine does not have a satin stitch, you can also use a very tight zig-zag stitch.)

Step 7: Cut these into your desired sizes back at your cutting table. Then take them over to your sewing machine to satin stitch the raw edges.

Step 8: Embellish!! This is a very fun last step! Use any embellishment or technique to complete your inchie. Don’t be shy! I have not shown you my final piece because I purposely want you to be creative and come up with your own way of embellishing these. Any technique is fair game!

*** Don’t forget to add your name to your piece. This can be done by taking a ultra fine permanent ink pen- such as the Micron- and signing the back, fusing your name to the back or attaching it via an eyelet and a tag. No rules, do it anyway you see fit!


Q&A: I have my completed inchies… what can I do with them?

The ideas are endless, really. Frame them as a set and hang them on your wall. Add them to your quilt or fiber project as embellishments. Add an eyelet hole and make your own fiber necklace/bracelet. Add them to other projects.

If you are taking part in a group challenge, then mail them to your group coordinator. The coordinator will provide challenge details such as size, color, mailing details, etc.

HAVE FUN & CREATE!!!! I would love to see pictures of your finished inchies!

Carla Barrett- Feathered Fibers


Mail Call!

The two mixed media paintings I bought from the etsy shop of Terri Stegmiller arrived safe and sound!! I first saw these while visiting her creative blog, Stegart . They are whimsical and adorable. They sure brightened my day!

Thanks to Terri! She is a creative woman and works in various mixed media forms of expression. If you have time, be sure to visit her lovely blog.

Terri has been taking online painting lessons this year, too. I first learned about the Paulette Insall painting class from Terri’s blog. I also have signed up for another online painting class from Karyn Gartel’s Altered Diva site.

Taking classes from others is a way to learn their style of applying paint or working with a particular medium. Then you need to infuse what you learn with your own style, pattern, etc. I can’t wait!

Other news: I’m organizing an inchie swap right now with a quilting group I belong to. On my “to do” list is to write and create an inchie tutorial today. Keep watching.. When I’m finished, I’ll post it here on my blog.

Regards, Carla

Inchies Swap

Last summer was the deadline for this inchie swap. Participants were ArtFiberFest attendees, and we were asked to send ours to Marylin Huskamp ahead of time.


Just in case you don’t know what an “inchie” is- it’s basically a 1 inch quilt. I wrote about creating mine last summer here.

Anyway, Marylin did a fantastic job of putting them all together into. Here are the inchies in the house holder and on their own:

I love how these turned out. This was a fun swap to participate in. Thanks to MaryLin for her hard work!  (in case anyone was curious, mine is in the middle of the 2nd row with a birdie on it).

Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Carla

PS: Rex the Wonderhound had the foxtail removed and now I have to give him antibiotics. Rex is wise to the ways of human hiding pills in food, so I have switched to hiding the pills in hot dogs. So far, owner 1, Rex, 0!!!

Home ATC Swap

While at AFF, I was allowed to pick an extra “house” from the Home Sweet Home Swap that my fiber art group did earlier in the year.  This swap was featured in a magazine, so these are the ones sent back from the publication.  Here’s the house I picked:

homeatc2.jpg        house-atc-1.jpg

The 2 views above are the front and back of the piece.  The beautiful window ATC’s were completed by Mary Lin Huskcamp, the very talented artist and mother-in-law of Tracie Huskcamp.

The front and back door ATC might look familiar- yes, they were created by me! LOL  The blue door on the left was from a picture taken in Scotland and the door on the right hand ATC is actually my front door, the one the cow damaged one rainy night.  Some of you might remember that particular story.

Keep watching… I just took some pictures from my inchie swap to share with you- I will post later in the day.  Hugs, Carla