Maze Quilt for Doug

I am busy working on a maze quilt for my friend, Doug.  Here is a picture:

Doug Maze quiltDoug loves it when I quilt quirky things into his quilt.  We decided to play off the mouse in a maze theme for this quilt.  The mice on the quilt are just plastic, but they provide a wealth of inspiration for this quilt.

Note the outer black border fabric which frames the quilt’s edges?  That is what I will design first.

Using Photoshop, I sketch ideas for this border.  I thought it would be interesting to have an overhead perspective of a mouse running around the border.  Once sketched, I redrew in Art & Stitch software for digitizing.  This is my first rough design:

Carla Mouse BorderI am working to a fast deadline, so I needed to get this border quilted up pronto.   This design is easy to place on the quilt and quilts up nicely as shown below.


Here is the mouse design quilted up: BarrettMouseBorder

Note the easy freehand “fingers” quilting on the edge of the quilt to fill the space.  Tip: Just quilt long skinny “U” shapes.  Fast and easy!

Now I am designing the rest of the quilt.  Think mouse traps, cheese, and similar themed motifs.

Hope you have enjoyed a sneak peek into Doug’s quilt.  I need to get this quilt done quickly for a couple of reasons- we have a contract on a boat in FL, and need to fly back there for the survey, sea trial and haul out.  Will be sharing more about the boat after the deal finalizes.

In the meantime, I would love to hear how YOU have been?  Do leave me a comment so we can chat.  Happy quilting, Carla

12 thoughts on “Maze Quilt for Doug

  1. Your work is so clever and adds so much to each quilt! You transform them into works of art, Carla! Kudos!!

    • Thank you! I need to import it into Adobe Illustrator and recreate to send to Digitech Designs. I could see it on a variety of quilts, especially kitty quilts. 🙂

  2. I so enjoy seeing your work and what you come up with. As far as what I’ve been up to I just sold a quilt at Sisters outdoor quilt show yesterday. First one ever sold and it went for $400.00 I should put the photo on my website,
    Sue Woolley
    Wild n Woolley Machine Quilting

  3. What a great quilt top and as usual your quilting will really add another dimension that will be outstanding as well.

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